Rocking some sick schmidt wheels, and this unique paint style is pretty nice! You definitely won’t see this everywhere, props to the owner for being different. Full shoot and wheel specs coming soon. Make sure you check out his Flickr account for more pictures!

Check out the new schmidts, can’t wait for specs, they look sick.

Credit: S.R Porter @Flickr

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  1. The 12oach

    The funny thing is, its a factory paint option. The Harlequin edition or somin’ like that.

    Sick stance nonetheless.

  2. Grant

    The harlequin edition golfs were made only in 1996 in the us market, and was created by swapping body parts from a tornado red, ginster yellow, pistachio green, and Chagall blue golfs. They are designated by their base color, the color of the car with no body panels on,vin. This case, tornado red. They also included silver gauges and a special interior. There were only 264 put into showrooms in the USA.


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