So there is a club out in Finland called No Pokemon Shit, I thought I would write a bit about. At first I was getting ready to flame them, it’s just a silly name, but then I saw some of the rides and their stances and I had to think twice.

Apparently they refer to “ricers and overtuned bodykit crap cars”  as pokemon and that’s how they got the name from. Make sure you read more for more pictures.

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  1. AMG

    Oh lol, I’d be embarassed if I’d even know someone from a club called like that =D

  2. Xite

    AMG: I would agreee, I`m one of the members of this club and we got FEW haters :D The red jetta mk3 is mine. Or mine ex-car, now I use to have a new project. Awful name but nice rides and guys. Welcome to the board. Most of the guys speak also english.


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