Seriously, I never thought I would say this about a Corolla but damn I freaking absolutely LOVE this! I saw this car a few months back over on HellaFlush Forums and had the picture saved on my hard drive, then these new pictures just resurfaced on StanceWorks yesterday. One of the best, if not the best stanced Rolla out there now! ONly thing I would do is get some camber in the rear, but  I hear that there isn’t really anything out there that can take care of that. Maybe I’m wrong though.  What do you think, sick or no?

Check out these awesome rig shots.

Credits: AJ Photography & WTF Pogi Photography.

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  1. Roland

    thats one clean ass fcken rolla. i would rock the living crap out of it!~

  2. Josh@TMM

    Definitely sick. Made me look @ Corollas in an entirely different light.

  3. ChangSta

    Who would of thought the E120 could look this fresh? Just goes to how it’s not what you do, its all about how you do it. Motivates me to drop some change into my E110. :) 1.

  4. futbol3ro

    nice clean rolla here! yeah, there ain’t anything out there to adjust the camber on the rear for this model. have a ’03 rolla of my own with a 3″ drop from stock. been using it as a daily driver since droppin’ it back in ’06

  5. Mourtalla Al-Rahman

    Nice! i was wondering if they had any lips for an 2009 corolla ?


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