I urge you to take a few minutes and to look at the detail of this car. Paint, wheels, interior, gauges, the whole combo. It’s sitting on a set of CCW LM20 Brushed Gold. 18×9 up front, and 18×10 in the back.

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  1. Rolandtran

    omg…Skeet skeeet skeeet…i need three more Kleenex box please

  2. bahc

    this thing is beast…where is the owner located? bodywork and paint is top notch

  3. Nick

    Wow that color combo is awesome. That is a well done car all around – love the interior!

  4. Mario "Big M"

    This is real nice, i like it alot paint, wheels, stance,etc….

  5. Remix

    Holy crap, I haven’t had a reaction like I just had after seeing this.
    It’s just so sick!!!


    It appears this car is in Japan based off it’s tags and even the BMW behind in in the stand still shot has Japanese tags, yet the steering wheel is on the left side. I’m confused. Either, that has got to be the dopest R32 i’ve ever seen.

  7. bedes

    this guy has immaculate taste. the amount of work he put in on the fenders and interior is incredible.


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