Your typical person’s first thought after seeing a car sitting less than an inch off the ground is “Impractical!” This post is for the misinformed and oblivious people sitting behind their desktops, and arguing on other forums about how stupid it is to purchase a sports car and lower it to the point where the only good thing you get out of it is looking good, parked. Having an impractical car for the sake of looking good may not be right thing to many people, the low clearance and limited suspension movement obviously makes the cars worthless when it comes to “performance”, or does it? Well, next time you run into that closed minded person, please link them to this page.

Photos by: Sy Pham exclusively for

Please allow us to introduce you to Edafe’s Nissan 350Z. This Nissan has been circling the internet for the past year or so, rolling on several different wheel and suspensions setups, but this is where it sits now. Daily driven all throughout Texas, Edafe’s Z is a perfect example of a aggressively fitted car that is capable of functioning better then majority of your Z’s out there. Edafe drove well over 350 miles to this event, just like many other events and meets he goes to throughout Texas. The car’s presence is breath taking and admiring to many of us who are in this scene. To those who are either new to it, or completely against it, you’re probably asking yourself how it’s even possible to drive this thing around!

Sitting Right:
Daily Driven Setup:
Weds Kranze Bazreia F18×10-8 R18×12-8
Tires: F225/40 and R275/35
Track Setup:
Weds Kranze Bazreia F18×10-8 w/225/40
Imperial 18×12.5-10 on 275/35 and/or a 18×11-2 on a 255/35

Aggressive Fitment is certainly not for everyone so before getting too excited about it take a minute and think carefully if it’s something you really want to get into. We’ve always thought of it as an acquired taste, something that you won’t just see and jump on the very first time, but with substantial exposure you too will want in. When Edafe is not on the track you can see him daily driving on a nice set of Weds Kranze Bazreia’s, but when it’s time to play, he mounts on his Imperial’s!

Combining aggressive Form & Function is starting to look easy now, isn’t it? This particular day Edafe was running his Weds up front that are 18×10(-8) on 225/40 tires & Imperials in the rear that are 18×11(-2) on 255/35 tires! Yes, that’s quite a stretch, especially if he is going to do what it looks like. Still doubting us, aren’t you? You won’t know were this goes unless you read rest of this post.

There you have it. Perfect example of a aggressively fitted vehicle that is capable of doing just about everything that a car with a wheel gap so huge that you can stick your whole foot in can do! Big shout out to Edafe and all the Texas guys who are doing it right, from all of us at Stance:Nation and a big thanks to Sy Pham for capturing such wonderful photos of this awesome machine.

Photos by: Sy Pham exclusively for

We hope that all you guys who have a serious issue with what we do to our own cars are educated enough, and that next time you decide to disrespect others about their rides you don’t forget that we are all different and that at the end of the day we all love our cars no matter what they look like or what their purpose is. Remember, we follow the Form > Function lifestyle, but we respect those with function as their main priority.

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  1. Blain

    I had a conversation with my tire supplier about the safety of stretched tires.

    His argument is “you can roll a bead and the tire can come off”

    Just showed him this and a few other videos I had, he shut right up.

    This is one of the sickest Zs of all time, amazing fitment and stance.

  2. Jesse

    The beginning of this post got me excited: Maybe I’ll finally find out what form+function in an aggressively stretched/stanced car is like.

    But I really think I’m still missing something. It looks like a really clean car, but it doesn’t make sense in a mechanical engineering sort of way (and isn’t that how cars are designed?). Perhaps I’m being overanalytical, but I still don’t see this car as being functional. I wouldn’t be able to get on an onramp where I live without at least a few inches of suspension travel, and this Z is already practically on the ground.

    It’s possible that you’re right, and it’s just an acquired taste that I’m not used to yet, so I’ll take a look around the site and try to see the light.

    • Elvis

      Well, if we’re going to judge cars “functionality” by it’s ability to go over speed bumps or on ramps, none of the exotic cars could really be considered functional. What does a car like this have to be able to do to be functional, other then getting over speed bumps and on ramps is what I really want to know?

  3. Ken

    Jesse: Aren’t you the hater on stanced cars who’s site comes second when you search “hellaflush” on google? haha. IMO the car is performing its function of get the owner from point A to B. It is at the owner’s discretion on what route from A to B he chooses. If an obstacle is in his way ( i.e speed bumps, on ramps ) he must simply go drive around it. Your argument that the couldn’t make it on an on-ramp is pretty weak. The car is just DOPE, stanced cars ain’t for everyone so get off it.

  4. Jesse

    Ken, I definitely don’t hate all stanced cars, but I did write about what I can’t stand about some of them, and that gives everyone a bad reputation.

    This Z looks incredible, I absolutely love the tire widths, and if it’s daily driveable that’s a killer setup. Maybe I just need to see it in motion. My imagination can’t come up with a way to drive it that doesn’t scrape that front bumper around every turn.

    I guess it didn’t come across with my last comment, but there’s no way I can argue against this car looking absolutely amazing.

  5. renware


    People with stanced cars, like this, are usually on coilovers, and when you are on coilovers that means you can make the suspension VERY stiff. When you do that you can be low and not rub as much as you think they all do, because the travel of the suspension is reduced very significantly. On my stock suspension you could shake the whole car with one finger. But with my coilovers, as well as a ton of others that are stanced, the only movement of the car is the tires flexing. That is so, because the the suspension is as stiif as it can go. I hope this helps you understand how we dont “scrape that front bumper around every turn.” I would be happy to help you further understand this concept if you want my to.

  6. Jesse


    Thanks for the explanation. I understand suspension dynamics pretty well, but I was referring to … I suppose I’ll call it “road dynamics”. Here in Massachusetts, we have pretty decent roads compared to most that I’ve seen (California, New Hampshire, Virginia) but I can’t see myself driving a car this low regularly without breaking the front and rear bumpers off every week.

    The part that concerns me is the overhang in front of the tires. It’s leveraged way out over the car, so a small dip in the road (say, 1″) would drop your bumper even farther down when the front tires enter that dip (we’ll say 2″, unrealistically high but it explains what I’m talking about) they’ll end up scraping on the ground. Even if you replaced your springs with ibeams, you’d still have to deal with those kinds of road conditions, so I think I really just need to see something like this in action on normal roads.

  7. a2lowvw

    i like it waffled on the track wheels even better than the daily wheels…

  8. Darian Thompson

    Is simple, if your car is inch or 2 off the ground.. be prepared to scrape, rub, or whatever. That comes with being extremely low, no matter how the road conditions. Is inevitable at any given point, it may happen to everyone. If you cant understand its functionality, it was done to the onwners taste. Agree or disagree, or agree to disagree.

  9. datboic

    that jesse dude is a total idiot and i bet he takes his cars to walmart for an oil change.

    my point is he is a fucking tool who is going to hate and without haters life would be boring i enjoy when they leave me notes on my is300 saying the rims are gay when they poke out lol….

    they hate it because they cant afford it period

    its just like turbos everyone needs one the problem is not many people can afford em on a mcdonalds paycheck.

    jesse next time your going to bite on something let it be your own dick (or flap of skin) because in dallas fort worth you’d get that ass whooped for hatin

    on that note im out,

  10. ahlex

    All I gotta say is you gotta pay to play. So expect to scrape being low as fuck. Don’t be a pussy.


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