Menace to society

Not too long ago, as I was driving around the streets of Garland, TX, I caught a glimpse of this S14 that was dumped to the ground, practically scrapping rocks off of the road. The bumpers on it were broken in multiple places and barely hanging on to their dear life. I seriously wanted to follow the car and to talk to the owner about doing a photoshoot, but I decided not to because it would seem a little bit stalker-ish to do so, wouldn’t you think? At the time, I could only hope to see this thing around again.

Photography By: Sy Pham exclusively for
Menace to society

A few weeks later, I just happened to see him at a local meet where he rolled up in a brand new kit. The car was also freshly painted and his wheels were sitting just right. We exchanged our contact information and scheduled a day to shoot his car as soon as we both had a day off.

Sitting Right:
Work VS-KF (18×10 -1, 18×11 -5)
All adjustable arms (Cusco, SPL, Topspeed)
Powered By Max Coilovers
Front and Rear Swaybars
350mm Deep Dish Steering Wheel
Bubble Shift Knob

As planned, we met up as soon as he got everything freshly painted and fitted, where I managed to get some good pictures of this thing right before it’s time for new bumpers and another fresh coat of paint! The car sees plenty of track time, but where it really blows smoke and sits sideways is on the streets on the outskirts of the town. I’m willing to bet you that you’ll see more of this car in the near future.

Menace to society

Running Strong:
S13 Blacktop SR20DET
ISIS Tubular Turbo Manifold
S15 Ball Bearing Turbo
Greddy Style Intake Plenum
Aeromotive FPR
Deashwerks 550cc Injectors
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Hi Flow Fuel Rail
Enthalpy Management
ACT Clutch
Blitz Realize Exhaust
Circuit Sports Downpipe
Tuned at 10psi pushing around 250-270ish

Menace to society

The reason why he has a replica bumper is because he keeps destroying bumpers left and right. This must have been his third front bumper this year alone, all because of Texas dips, potholes, and playing snowplow in the varying Texas weather. There just isn’t a point of spending a ton of money on something that will last you a couple months, if that don’t you agree?

Looking Good:
Hi-Flex URAS Type 4 Bumper
Authentic URAS Type 4 Side Skirts
Authentic URAS Type 4 Rear Bumper
30mm Front Fenders
30mm Rear Over Fenders pushed to 50mm

Menace to society

I would like to thank Rich Tran for keeping the car in one piece long enough for me to shoot some nice shoots of it, and for reppin’ the Northern Texas stance scene, as well as the street-drift scene!

Menace to society
Photography By: Sy Pham exclusively for