Apparently this 300ZX is 2JZ swapped and is DressUpBolts’ demo vehicle. I honestly haven’t seen any 300ZX’s in months, they’re pretty rare around here where I reside, so seeing one like this just makes me happy and excited! At only 10lbs of boost it’s pushing over 350RWHP, and the owners are saying that with a bit more dyno time, plus turning the boost up a little more, it would put you right around 450RWHP. That’s nuts if you ask me. Car is also rocking ’99 Spec OEM JDM Front Bumper and taillights along with a full Kaminari kit, including the wing. Available for purchase at $12,500 OBO.

Sitting Right:
18 X 9.5 +15 Rota Grids
255/40/18 Dunlop D1 Start Spec’s
Intrax Springs
Tokico Shocks

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  1. TerryJ

    I am soo happy to see a Z32 on here,especially me being an owner of a converted TT.
    I’m impressed with this but c’mon it ain’t like there’s something wrong with the VG30DETT.

  2. Nes Valdes

    Good to see a nice Z32! I own one and have an empty engine bay. This definitely gives me an idea!

  3. Chris @

    Hey guys! I just got sent this link now. haha The car is actually pending sale. Also, nothing wrong with the VG, we just wanted something that would grab peoples attention at shows. Thank you guys for the comments!


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