Apparently this 300ZX is 2JZ swapped and is DressUpBolts’ demo vehicle. I honestly haven’t seen any 300ZX’s in months, they’re pretty rare around here where I reside, so seeing one like this just makes me happy and excited! At only 10lbs of boost it’s pushing over 350RWHP, and the owners are saying that with a bit more dyno time, plus turning the boost up a little more, it would put you right around 450RWHP. That’s nuts if you ask me. Car is also rocking ’99 Spec OEM JDM Front Bumper and taillights along with a full Kaminari kit, including the wing. Available for purchase at $12,500 OBO.

Sitting Right:
18 X 9.5 +15 Rota Grids
255/40/18 Dunlop D1 Start Spec’s
Intrax Springs
Tokico Shocks