They say that no matter what you do to the New Beetle it will never look good. Well we thought so too, until this Beetle showed up in our inbox this morning. Sitting on some nice HRE Monoblocks, and aired out on the ground, this one is like no other New Beetle you’ve seen before. That “girly” appearance of the Beetle that seemed to bug (no pun intended) a lot of people is almost nonexistent here. Shaven all around & grown up is the theme of this ride. The bright yellow Big Brake Kit by Brembo was a great choice as well not only for braking purposes, but the yellow color seems to also work really well with the cars paint job, which is flawless might we add. We love this Beetle & we’re not embarrassed about it!

Are we alone here? Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

Sitting Right:
20″ HRE Monoblock P40
215/30-20 215/30-20 Front
215/30-20 215/30-20 rear

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  1. a high asian

    its right hand drive, is it also from the US? very clean indeed, those brakes are baller

  2. Jake

    I mean, the wheels, fitment, and brakes look good, but it’s still a new Beetle. They’re really not very good cars. I would’ve just spent the money on a Civic or Golf.

  3. RCFC89

    ^ I run a business for a VW dealer and have been working on vw’s for 8 years. The beetle is every bit as good as a golf or jetta. The fact that you don’t see any modded like this in the states means nothing on there quality. This car is superbly done.

  4. nismokid_5

    you really CANT hate on the beetle at the end of the day. you really CANT hate on ANY veedub at the end of the day. face it, volkswagen is the ultimate car company. They own bugatti, lamborghini, porsche, audi, and skoda. and they have NEVER made an ugly car that the entire world rejected. Each model they made catered to some group of people who liked it a lot. i would totally get one if i could and convert it to AWD!!!!


    I hate to admit but I’ve always thought of getting a Bettle. My wife had one about 6 years ago or so but we traded it for a MK4 R32. I’d fancy a Tdi or even a drop top.

  6. Rob

    I like this Beetle. Does somebody know where i can buy the frontspoiler and the side skirts. Because i can not buy them in Germany or Holland…Thanks very much!

  7. 729 Motorsports

    Damn,said I would never own a bug but I ate my words on this one.
    What’s that color? Macidamia metallic??

  8. Rudy

    Awesome car. Never seen a better bug. I also would like to know the supplier of the front spoiler and the side skirts. If someone would anwer, please.

  9. Rob

    Hello Rudy,

    Unfortunately does nobody know were the Beetle comes from. Above, you van see that I already did ask the same in january 2011. Till today nobody has given me any answer.

    If you see the pics of some meetings on Stance Nation you can see that there are bugs with the same frontspoiler. These are pictures made in Japan. So it could be that the frontspoiler and side skirts can be buyed over there.

    In the mean time I sold mij Beetle, so i wisch you good luck!


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