Phil recently shot this S2K and emailed us these pictures. We loved the overall look of the car so we asked Phil if he can send us over some specs. Car belongs to Joe from New Jersey and is rocking a set of Regamaster Evo’s in 17×9 (+38) on all 4 corners. The interior is set up with Bride Zeta III sports seats w/Takata Harnesses, Nardi Steering wheel and other small things.

Some of the go-fast things include Mugen Headers, Custom 2.5 in piping with Burns Muffler to a dump down tip, AEM CAI, Spoon Strut Bar, ACT Pressure Plate, ACT lightened flywheel, OEM disc…Form & Function at it’s finest. We love it. Not quite feature worthy yet, but deserves our props.

Credits: Phil Fusco

8 Responses

  1. Norrek4040

    it has a lip kit.. if it had a body kit it would look lower overall very clean drop… a drivable drop at that…

  2. Hansen

    ^^ seen others much more lowered with a lip kit. i agree though, a lil high from looking from the side.

  3. a high asian

    a little high? cmon people, theres more to a car than having it slammed to the ground. this has great stance and fitment. great looking car

    • Elvis

      Higher than what we post on this site, but if we didn’t like it we wouldn’t have posted it, that’s all that matters. <3

  4. alex

    yeah lower it till it’s no longer drivable and ruins the drive train so it can end up a low mileage beater offered on fire sale as a fixer…win


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