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It’s our first Toyota Supra feature here on StanceNation and we’re just so excited to share Brendan’s car with you. Brendan drives this thing all over California and Nevada, so if you’re on the Left Coast chances are you’ve probably seen this thing at your local event! This Supra has been with Brendan for 7 years, so you bet it has gone through several stages, including the popular “huge body kit and high offset wheels” stage. It then turned into something everyone liked, but there was just no individuality. Since then Brandan has stepped his game up and has taken things to a whole new level.

Looking Good:
Platinum VIP custom metal wide body rear
Stillen sideskirts
Shine Auto Ridox replica front bumper
Modellista designs hood
Infiniti Laser Red paint
APR GT-300 spoiler
Custom aluminum Diffuser…

It’s hard to believe, but not too long ago this ITB Supra was involved in accident when Brendan lost control in the rain and hit a semi. He saw his control arms bent, smashed passenger rear quarter panel and multibent SSR SP1 Professor wheel! Thinking that it would never be the same, Kennedy at PlatinumVIP came into the picture and proved him wrong. Fast forward a few weeks, the car came out looking even better than before! The PlatinumVIP fellas did the whole metal widebody in the rear and they did it well! Stillen sideskirts & Shine Auto Ridox replica front bumper were also added and they look epic! The hood was made by Modellista Designs and sets the front off just right!

JDM Toyota rain visors
JDM Toyota rear hatch visor
TRD front strut tower bar
97-98 front headlights
97-98 tail lights

Now that the exterior was completed it was time to focus on the engine work. Brendan tells us that ever since he’s owned this car, he has always wondered what he could do with the engine. For a long time, he wanted a 600+hp Supra that could destroy practically anything on the street but there was something that he wanted even more more. He wanted to do something different. First seeing the idea back in 2004 by a shop called YSR (Japan), who specialized in non-forced induction work on the mighty 2jz, he started piecing together parts from Club 4age and a fabricator who could assemble an ITB intake manifold for him. Constantly, Brendan get’s asked why he chose the 4age throttle bodies for, the answer: “I wanted to keep it all Toyota”. Intrigued? Make sure you Read More below!

Custom Individual Throttle Body manifold utilizing the 20v AE111 4age Corolla throttles
Techno Toy Tuning velocity Stacks
Techno Toy Tuning ITB filters
2jzgte Valve Covers…

A little while after, Brendan took his parts to FSR Motor Creations in Monclair to piece everything together. A short month later, it was completely finished and although it’s not the fastest car on the road, it sounds gnarly. Oh, and throttle response is great Brendan tells us! Ever since then, Brendan has been total time attack track nut!

2jzgte Spark Plug Cover
Stainless steel fuel lines
Inline six vacuum plenum
Xerd Headers
TRD quick shifter
RPS Clutch
Fidanza Lightened flywheel

Let’s not forget the fitment specs, we are a fitment website after all. As you may have guessed the car is rolling on Work Equips. They’re 18×10 (+32) up front and 18×12 (+12) in the rear. Obviously, static and sitting on Tein Type Flex coilovers that get put to use every time Brendan is behind the wheel!

And there you have it. Perfect example of Form & Function. We could go on for days with all this writing, but we’ll just let the pictures do the talking for us. We gotta thank Brendan for everything though, so make sure next time you see him not to be afraid to come up and say what up to the guy. Personally, from the one time we’ve met Brendan we could tell you that he is a very kind and down to earth guy. We also want to thank Jeff Payuan for the dope shots!

This is how Brendan and his friends roll.

Photos by: Jeff Payuan exclusively for

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  1. a high asian

    but thats what makes it unique. i automatically know when i saw the widebody with the very nice equips, i knew it was the NA supra. unique exterior, and very unique motor build. just find it funny it makes less HP than a bseries

  2. TerryJ

    A very nice Supra. Good story, I love the body work & the Equips are nice on it.
    I think it just needs more HP but the throttle response is good & it’s still a fast car. ;)

  3. marty

    @adobobro – the license plate is “LRG SOUP” which I’m assuming is for the massive kit and not the clothing brand lol

    pictures look great!!

    needs more power to be considered perfect example of ‘function’, no?!

  4. Jay

    LRGSOUP – Large “Soup-ra”

    Congrats Brendan! A well deserved feature.

    Pics are dope too Jeff

  5. ce el

    if it ain’t needs to be on the ground or rubbin negative camber.. stance, just sayin.

  6. Toepfer

    I like it, didn’t realize it was n/a till i actually started reading. Now its become inspirational. I’ll have to look into the ITBs

  7. Alex

    I’ve known Brendan for alil while now and its been great watching his car progress. The ITB’s sound absolutely amazing in person!! Definitely deserves this feature with his unique Supra.

  8. bite_size

    Just saw some vids and sounds amazing. Regardless of the power its making its deff something diif. Maybe an ITB’d v8 should be more suitable? Either way congrats brendan!!!!

  9. zach

    The car is awesome, either way. It’s definitely not gonna be fast, but I bet it sounds sick as fuck, and is fun to drive still, plus it’s one of the best looking MK4 Supras out there.

    Should post some links to videos of it, I’d love to hear it. :)

  10. Mike

    Fast by whose standards guys? Thing did pretty damn good at Fontana.

    Oh and…the part about “fast forward a couple weeks”…. HAHAHA!

    Kennedy did the rears proper…took some serious work to do, not a couple weeks and some bondo :)

  11. WillBeck

    It’s not always about power, and i think thats what i love about this car. So often we see these cookie cutter Surpa’s with massive turbo kits, and 1000whp supra’s running 11’s.

    Huge props to Brendan for stepping outside the box. I’ve seen this car many times in person, and it’s absolutely stunning.

    Also, to the guy that said you need power for time attack, not so much. Road racing is all about how much speed you carry through the turn, not about how much you can accelerate after.

  12. Blake

    my personal opinion is you did an amazing job with the body work, the hood stands out to me and i do like it a lot, also the itbs, sounds great and personally again id like to say you really did a great job outside the box, either way u look at it its still a mk4 supra and that itself is amazing there

  13. esvi

    spent all that money on wheels and body I thought when they mention 600hp was a single turbo or a least stock twins but NA maybe will put 160 HP to the wheels,…

  14. Clarence Yuen

    thats is the sickest supra i have ever seen, no one really cares about the 1000hp supra’s cause there are alot of them. i bought a NA supra as my first car a few years back and i just started to look at a ITB intake system. i know there will be alot of haters but some people have to step out of the box. hope u dont mind me modeling my supra kinda after yours.

  15. LRG SOUP

    hey Clarence, thank you for the kind compliments. I really don’t mind if you pursue your goal of going ITB. More power to you! It isn’t cheap but its a different type of tuning for post 80’s toyota’s in my opinion and you’ll have fun with it. The sound is intoxicating to me and I can’t wait till I build up the engine more and try to take it to the max. My exterior I have modeled after my friend’s supra who just recently sold his car which was the black Supra that won the Castrol Syntec challenge last year. But I do thank you for asking. I say go for it!

  16. Clarence Yuen

    if u dont mind me asking, how long did it take u to find the intake system from the 20v 4age?

  17. LRG SOUP

    It took me about 3-4 month since inwas set on the ae111 (blacktop 4age 48mm) instead of the ae101 (45mm) throttle bodies. I had to drive down to San Diego and had the other set shipped to me. You just have to keep on the hunt for the parts on a daily obsessive basis. It’ll take a while (took me 2 years bc of finding parts and monetary contraints). The hardest part is staying with your goal, but if you wanna make it happen then it won’t slow you down. I had a turbo kit all ready to bolt on before I started piecing the itb parts together but ditched those plans since I really wanted to see how the itb route would pan out since NA–>turbo has been done time and time again.

  18. Clarence Yuen

    i just started to look for an ITB manfold but i am no rush bc i am still in school and need the money for food and gas. how much fabrication did you have to do on the manifold to get it to fit?

  19. LRG SOUP

    I used the stock GE lower plenum and hacked that up for enough spacing for the itbs. The fabrication was one of the most expensive parts on the car. If you have a hookup on fabrication it would be easier on the wallet. Hit up my email so I can send you pics.

  20. chuck

    aww mannn…thats a really great car man…love it…keep she clean nd good man…sweet engine 2

    • Kyle

      Hey, just curious. Did you have to use a standalone ECU to be able to run the ITBs setup ?


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