What makes an awesome crew, cars or the people in it? Or is it both? If you went with the last option then you definitely need to be introduced to Liberty VIP. In just over 2 years they have taken internet, magazines & car shows by storm, and have evolved into one of the most respected crews out there. They take pride in their name and all of their rides, and have utmost respect for every single car & crew out there that’s doing it right. We’ve been meaning to do this feature & photo shoot for what seems like months now, and just recently it became a reality when our photographer Ronaldo Stewart caught up with them. Before anything, we have to say that it is our honor to feature these great bunch of guys.

Photos By: Ronaldo Stewart exclusively for StanceNation.com

The crew was started in 2008 by one member, Rob who is from Philly. In the summer of 2009, 5 guys from NY all joined the same day, with the goal of uniting the VIP scene on the North East. The name “Liberty” was a fitting name since it stands for the freedom in everyone’s modding style and everything they represent. Drive what you want (has to be a luxury car) and mod your ride the way you want. Although they have many of the same model cars, they each have their own characters that’s what makes them stand out. What you see in these pictures are just a few of their cars.

Liberty VIP spreads from New England to Canada, Down south through the Mid West. Heck, they even have guys on the west coast, Hawaii, Australia & Japan! At the end, it’s all about having fun, helping each other out and enjoying the scene. Make sure you click the Read More button to find out even more about these guys! Our photog Rondalo really did a great job capturing their rides, you’ll love it.

What you see above is Rodney’s awesome Acura TL. It’s sitting on Leon Hardiritt Orden’s in 19×10 up front and 19×11 in the rear. It also features Air Runner with custom Dakota Digital Auto Leveling System. A ton of custom body work was also done including the widening of all the fenders (front & rear) as well as radiusing using all steel. The mod list is pages long, but this is a perfect example of what you can expect from Liberty VIP. Check out the way this thing sits!

Another awesome car is Brendan’s awesome Q45. We always say that there is nothing better than seeing a big body such as this one laid out on the ground. One thing in particular that we loved about it was the one-off Innovations kit from Auto Glam. You won’t see anything like this anywhere else.

Variety of luxury cars influenced by the VIP scene is what it’s all about. The guy’s didn’t just stick to your regular “VIP Platform” cars and that’s what makes them even more awesome in our book. Check out Fat Mike’s dumped Mercedes-Benz CL500!

Again, something different. Frank who is from New Jersey is the owner of this slammed G35 Coupe.

The car that collects trophies and medals like no other, Smitty’s M45. Sporting a set of aggressive Work wheels and a crap load of custom body work. Check out the one-off rear fenders. You just don’t see cars like this being built now a days. True work of art if you ask us.

We would like to wrap this up by showing you a few more pictures and by thanking everyone from the Liberty VIP crew for doing this for us. You guys constantly push the boundaries and we hope you know that you are all looked up on by a ton of VIP enthusiasts around the world. Keep doing your thing and you will always have our support!

Make sure you visit Liberty VIP blog as it get’s updated on the regular basis. From recent builds to random Liberty sightings, it’s definitely a cool site to have in your bookmarks. If you want more pictures please head on over to Ronaldo’s flickr for the whole set!

Photos By: Ronaldo Stewart exclusively for StanceNation.com