You may recognize this A4, we first posted it about a week ago and almost everyone loved it, including us. With that said, why not praise the fitment some more with some new pictures? It’s fitted with 18×10 Rotiform TMB’s with a 3″ front lip and a 4″ rear lip! Big ups to Sergio, yet again!

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  1. TerryJ

    This Audi is so unique with those wheels & it still manges to maintain
    good stance with maybe just a little aggression! this makes a nice daily :)

  2. MiGwithdaTL

    Sergios always doing it big, even when he had his old tC which was a wheel whore to now the Audi, rocked CCWs for like 3-4 months and now this, props!

  3. Bill


    Question though, does anyone know what spoiler that is on the trunk lid? Is it a generic M3 style piece, OEM from Audi, or other?


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