Unlike some people who raise their car back up and go back to stock wheels, Pete Wilson uses his Subaru to help the city by plowing the snow around while everyone is asleep late at night. Ok, not really, but the guy enjoys sliding this thing around! This is what a “real” daily driver looks like.

Credits: Pete Wilson

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  1. Santi

    That’s what I’m talking about, everyone ask why I’m still low and I say it’s a Daily Driven Road Scrapin Whip, big props to the owner of this clean subaru!!!

  2. AJ

    My God, that’s a lot of stretch. The first shot is beyond beautiful. That would make a killer wallpaper at 1920p wide.

    Also, much respect for even thinking about dd-ing that… even in snow. *claps* When I grow up, I want to have balls like this guy’s. lol!

  3. Anja

    Personally, I wouldn’t lower a rally car, it defeats the purpose of getting one in the first place. Plus he will have overheating issues. Unless those are Work CR Kais and not Rota Torques, I’m not a fan.

  4. Corbin

    That is by far the sickest Subie! Big props to him for stayin low in the winter!

  5. allwheeldriven

    2nd photo FTW. Props to the owner for sticking with that setup year-round.

  6. Pete Wilson

    Thanks to the Homies! It just snowed about a foot here and i got high centered trying to get to school… so….. I…. raised it… =(. Its that snow that builds up in the middle of the lane that gets me.

    However its coming back down tonight! Roads are plowed enought to make to places. Lets beat the streets!!!!

    Thanks for the mini-feature Elvis!

  7. AJ

    @Anja: I agree with you. I mean, I don’t have the heart to slam an AWD car on its belly either. But, remember… this is Stance Nation. We don’t come here to see practical cars. :P

    Here, it’s Form > Function!

  8. indosilver

    So damn sexy!! I would def rock it, do you stretch blizzaks in the winter? Haha cause that would be baller status

  9. Anja

    @ staylow: Wow, haha. Grow up.
    @AJ: I know this is StanceNation, and I’m not bashing lowered cars. But I think it’s okay on VWs and cars that aren’t useful for anything else, but not on a rally car. You’re modifying a car to underperform. Let me know when it overheats.

  10. Simply D.

    lol @Anja you basically just called every car on here useless.

    A WRX from the factory isnt a rally car. its a turbo AWD that has the ability to be rallied SHOULD THE OWNER CHOOSE TO DO THAT.

    A Lexus GS300 is supposed to be a luxury, kind of sporty family car, but people drift those.

    the AE86 is supposed to be a somewhat sporty econo-box, yet people drift, grip, drop, AND rally those.

    A VW beetle is just that. Yet those cars make great rally cars, and even drag cars.

    VW Golf are actually quite potent vehicles if they are built to do that.

    Some people just prefer looks over preformance, and some people prefer preformance over looks.

    Just because preformance is top priority on your list, doesnt mean its everyones priority.

    Perhaps you should head to a different website, if this isnt your thing.


  11. Anja

    @Simply D.: You are correct and I agree with you about those cars. Also, “Some people just prefer looks over preformance, and some people prefer preformance over looks.
    Just because preformance is top priority on your list, doesnt mean its everyones priority.” I agree with this. That’s why I politely said, “Personally, I wouldn’t lower a rally car.” I could have been a douche about it, but I was just giving my opinion. I don’t get on this site because it’s personally not my thing, but a friend posted this somewhere and I felt like chiming in. Plenty of my friends are into VWs, stance, and form > function, and I always say to each his own.

    Also, snow filling the air damn blocks air from getting to the radiator which results in overheating.

    PS: Is this the road up to Bogus Basin?

  12. SubieWRX

    Thats one nice ride, I have a black 07 WRX and you have inspired me, next mods are going to be coilovers and rims, one suggestion is HID kit , I have 8k’s they are nice , not as blue as I expected but I love the look.

  13. Spanky

    DAMMMMM!!!!! thats one hot subie! snowplowing is the way to go! Thats how we do it up here in Canada! :P

  14. Lanky1183

    The WRX is not a rally car. If anything, its “rally inspired.”

    @Pete Wilson
    Shit looks hot man.

  15. Isaiah


    So apparently the upper grill doesn’t feed air into the radiator huh? I doubt the owner has overheating problems when its below freezing bud. If anything that packed snow will keep the temps down and could even make the turbos spool a bit quicker.

  16. Anja

    @Isaiah: Watch and learn.

    Why would the lower air dam even be necessary if the upper grill fed enough air to keep the engine cool? Because it doesn’t. The majority of the air is flowing over the car and not into the upper grill. That’s why the air damn is recessed in, to catch incoming air. Simple aerodynamics.

    I would like it if you could explain to me how exactly snow being packed into the air dam could possibly keep temps down and make the turbo spool faster.

  17. Trent - (Purchased Pete's old Bronze STi Wheels)

    Pete is a badass. Personally, I love his whip and my jaw drops every time I see him around town.

    He’s a younger kid with much better taste then most people his age, including myself.

    I would love to own this car and anticipating sadness when I will have to see someone else in the car and know it’s not the kid I bought my wheels from..

  18. jmousso

    I know this is old but does anyone know and perhaps Pete if he sees this what tires hes running? I’m looking to get a set for my car but I can’t seem to find them.

  19. Mace

    This thing is beautiful! Idaho represent! The last pic is the road to Bogus Basin. I want to dump my wrx but I’ve gotta save up for coilovers for when it gets too deep here in Boise haha.


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