Not only are working with what we like to call “endless dish” here, but those step lips and the extremely stretched tires look freaking awesome. Our favorite shot is the second image down, certainly makes us want to get out to our garage and work on our rides! Props to Germany for doing it right.

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  1. Fake_de

    @ Tomec, dachte genau das gleiche…will auch

    BTW Holy Effin SH!T i want this thing soooooooooooo much

  2. indosilver

    Wooow, i have a superbeetle sitting in my yard with those fenders… might be time to get back to work on that thing to make it look as sexy as this one!!!

  3. Randal

    Im glad to see some more pics of this thing show up, that rear end shot with the fenders off is sweet.

  4. Chad

    in the second pic i thought the tires were mounted backwards…then i forgot its bug. Dope setup!

  5. scottyk

    this is one of the best bugs ive seen hands down. it doesnt get better. im a huge fan of slammed, deep dish wheels with negative camber and streched tires so this does it for me

  6. Marshall

    Damn. Thats straight dumped on the ground. Super flush. Makes me wanna start a project like this one. Props dude. Props


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