Yes indeed, another tastefully done Honda. This time we’re taking you to Hawaii rather than Vegas though. If you were fortunate enough to attend the HellaFlush Hawaii event there is a good chance you saw this beauty there. We will have more on this car in the near future hopefully, so stick around for that, but in the meantime we’ll show you a couple of awesome pictures of it that our photographer Emil Corpuz managed to get for us! Let’s allow Hawaii to show you how it’s done ladies and gentleman.

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  1. Anthonyisd3ad

    specs, i believe those are ccw’s. im not 100% sure but ccw makes something like that

  2. Paulo

    ya those arent ccw’s, pretty close design though, not sure on the actual wheel but man those are nice! expecting the feature soon! hawaii is killing it!

  3. nismokid_5

    MAN I HATE HONDAS…but there’s no arguing against this one that thing is too clean


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