There is something very cool about steelies that we just cant figure out. One of our long time fans (James) forwarded us a couple of pictures that he found online of a beautiful E28 thats sitting on 17×8 with o offset Steelies all around and looking real fresh. Big shout out to the owners of this thing, we’re huge fans…now just drop that front end some more and you’ll have yourself a pretty awesome ride!

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  1. Ian

    hey, thats me! there’s a local meet happening in a few weeks (revscene spring meet) and i gotta get my junk in gear first. im gonna roll my fenders tonight even more, throw on my 12mm and 15mm spacers. also i dump the front.

    i also added a few stickers to the wheels, i think you guys would like.

    stancednation, you can email me if you want them.

    • Adam

      ian i would really love to know the wheel specs and where you got them. just sold my bbs’s and want these

  2. Bill Lumberg

    Yeaaahhhh ummm I’m gonna have to ask you to drop that front another inch or so.

  3. Ian

    ^^ nice office space reference there, lumberg.

    yepp, the front is coming down either this sunday or next sunday. tonight i managed to work the 15mm spacers in the back. good ol’ baseball bat trick.

  4. Danny Zion

    I have a 2000 32i wagon E46. I been wanting steelies since NY roads are killing my 18’s..cracked every week ! where can I get some steelies? black?

  5. zerocool

    Looks bueno. Makes me wonder what my e28 will look like when I finally get it dumped on these 16x8s with 0 and 16 offsets.


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