Let’s see, where do we even start with this thing? It’s just past 10PM here in Northern California, and we’ve got to get to bed soon, so we’ll let the pictures do the talking. All we’re going to say is that New Zealand has had our eyes wide open for the last couple of months. The rides they’re pumping out are straight up sick. Big shout out to all the fitment heads out there, and a big shout out to all of our new friends at Circle Jerk Crew! You know who you are, and we thank you for all your support.

Credits: D.Atkinson Photography

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  1. Dec

    Saw this thing in the flesh the other day at the warehouse in Hamilton, so freakin’ sick!!! thanks for the shout out to CJC Elvis!

  2. veneno

    is that from bumper the stock one? always love the look of the jdm bumper but i hate the mount of the from plate
    car looks sick,good job on fitment


    What wheel/tire specs? This is probably the hardest FD out right now! Good Job!

  4. Gregoriio

    What are the best coilovers for an RX7? I’ll be an owner of an RX7 within the next weeks. What are the suspension specs on this one, the stance is solid ! lookin’ to create a beast like this


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