One of the cars that the Garage D-Friends brought out this year around for the annual Fukuoka Custom Car Show was this incredible S15 that was rocking a 326 Power body kit! Looks aside, the reason we’re showing you this ride is what’s under it’s hood. A 2JZ swap, pushing 700HP! Holly cow we love Japan!

Credits: Kurezou

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  1. Dominic Brissette

    2JZ, my favorite engine in the whole world!

    this time, i must say that FUNCTION >= FORM (notice the greater OR equals)
    the gray one looks absolutely right

  2. Adam

    I dont know how i feel about putting a toyota engine in a silvia. It makes me feel dirty.
    On the other hand, I wouldn’t complain about the 700hp lmao..

    Clean rides

    Silvia>Supra in looks,
    But Supra>Silvia engine wise
    But this is the best of both worlds..BEAST!

  3. marquell lopes

    ummmm u mean RB series the skyline engines are the best engines ever know to men but i like the sound of the supra twin tubros at the end of the shifting

  4. Jayzedex100

    @marquell lopes: “ummmm u mean RB series the skyline engines are the best engines ever” Get real. They’re the most overrated engines to come out of Japan. They have nothing on JZ’s. Americans don’t know anything about the weak points of RB’s because you never got them.

  5. Travis

    @ Adam

    Sliva looks better then supra? LMFAOOOOOOOO dude come on now… (wipe tear from eye from laughin so hard)

    awww man. What you gonna say next? A sentra looks better then Aston DB9? brhalahahaha

  6. Travis

    I wasnt serious I was actually making a joke of it hence the laughter. My comment was aslso an opinion.

    Dont get the reson behind your comment. So.. Why so serious ?

  7. Travis

    Why so serious ? Im laughin at his comment… it isnt the end of the world Elvis.

  8. Jo

    S15 Silvia an supra r my 2 fav jap cars! Both sexy but not a fan of d switch, tight if u asked me. Why not put a rb or a vq even more den capable of big numbers…
    I own a s15, so il just say there hotter! Lol, but supra’s r phat.
    Just lik askin blonde or brunet.. And them gangers with two couloirs don’t count lik this..


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