Proper VIP.

One of everyones favorite automotive magazines, VIPCAR, always features some of the most breathtaking cars from all over the world. In this months issue they did a quick feature on this incredibly sexy Toyota Celsior Lexus LS sitting on a set of fully polished Weds Kranze wheels. We urge you to pick up the latest issue and check out pages and pages of incredible rides.

Credits: VIPCAR

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  1. Charles Lam

    @Elvis I have no idea what you’re talking about ;)

    @Craig Go find a Kinokuniya bookstore near you — you can pick up a subscription. The mags are bout $10 a pop

  2. Pete

    Nicely Done. I believe that is an LS600h due to the LED headlights, the flattish grille, and the blue accent L emblem .

  3. Charles Lam

    @Pete interestingly enough, I think this car is a converted LS460 SWB — the car’s Tokyo Auto Salon page lists it as a 460. It’s relatively easy (but very cost prohibitive) to put those headlights and grill on

  4. mitch

    Weds Kranze is a whole line up of wheels.. i was asking which specific model they are, as i could not seem to find them on the Weds website.


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