Ever since first finding out about this amazing S15 owned by Ming over at Fizz Autosports, we’ve had our eyes glued on it. Every couple of weeks we would run into a picture or two of it on the internet, but it was never enough to satisfy us. Everyone that has seen the car in person claims that these random shots don’t do the car justice, and that it’s begging for a proper photoshoot. That is where one of our incredibly talented photographers Javier Santiago stepped in. Just days before flying to Chicago, Javier hits us up and tells us that he is bringing his camera equipment with him! We then hit up Ming (owner of this S15), and before you know it Javier and Ming get in touch with each other! After running out of time the first night, they met up the next day and finished this epic shoot with some absolutely jaw dropping photos. Take a look below, but be sure you’re seated!

Photos By: Javier Santiago exclusively for StanceNation.com

This is our very first S15 feature here on Stance:Nation and we can’t express the honor and respect we have for it. Right off the start you’ll notice the “Angelina Jolie” lips on those Weds wheels, the insane camber and the extremely fresh paint job that this S15 is rocking. You’re looking at House of Kolor Blue Pearl paint to be exact which shines like no other! The exterior features a full Vertex Edge Widebody, Vertex Hood and Voltex Type 2 wing which right away changed this S15’s presence. Another thing Ming added to the exterior were a set of Origin LED tail lamps for that clean & updated look.

We can’t decide what we love the most about this beautiful S15, but it’s wheels are definitely up towards the top. For those who are unfamiliar with them, they are Weds Kranze LXZ’s in 19×10 (-20) up front and 19×12 (-32) in the rear. To give them the finishing touch, Ming threw on a set of Project Kics R40 Neo chrome lug nuts. For suspension, he went with the almighty HKS Hyper max coilovers and variety of other things that you can see by clicking the Read More button below.

Even with the stretched tires and widbody, Ming wasnt able to get those wheels to sit like he wanted them to without either pulling on the kit or adding some camber. As you can see, the choice was obvious and the S15 is now rocking both, the Cusco adjustable camber arms as well as their adjustable toe arms. To top things off, Ming went ahead and added Cusco front and rear strut bar. Let’s just say that it’s finished looks are far from boring. Scroll down for some more awesome shots!

Not only is the interior as clean as it gets, but the addition of things like the Bride Brix II seat, Bride fabric wrap on door card and Bride fabric wrap on rear seats really impressed us. Sometimes little things can really make the interior or even the whole car. Also on the inside are things such as Takata Harness, Custom suede headliner, Defi BF boost gauge, Defi BF EX temp gauge, BF oil temp gauge and Defi link control unit. Lastly, Blitz SBC i-color boost controller, Yashio Factory knob with shift boot and Cusco A-pillar bar were added which set the interior on fire!

Did someone say something about camber?

Wheel fitment is definitely on point as well.

Check out the finish on these beauties!

HKS FMIC, Trust full catback, Blitz Downpipe do the job for now.
Pop the hood and you’ll be greeted with an engine that’s cleaner than most of our interiors. As of the day of the shoot, the only additions were the ARC induction box, ARC BOV, ARC Titanium spark plug cover and Full CF radiator panel but that’ll change very soon. Ming told us that the car won’t be considered “complete” until he has a full Tomei Turbo setup under that aggressive Vertex hood.

Behind those long lips is quite a brake setup. Endless 4 pot calipers, Endless rotors and Endless stainless brake lines. Pretty amazing ride and we only hope to someday see it in person. As we said before, it truly is an honor to be sharing this ride with you and we can’t thank Ming enough for the opportunity. We also want to thank our photographer Javier for doing such an incredible job at doing the car justice with these shots. We’ll leave you with a good morning and one last shout out to everyone over at Fizz Autosport!