As we continue with the xB trio out of Hawaii, up next we have Marshall’s clean ride. Unlike the other two though, Marshall’s xB is the 2nd generation. Less boxy, more roomy, and it perhaps has a bit less of an “economy car” look. Well, at least after all the stuff Marshall put into it! This ride has gone through a couple of different stages in it’s lifetime, but in the end it has finally settled for quite an interesting mix of Japanese and European inspired luxury. Yes, you read that right, luxury we said. When you see the pictures and mod list of the interior you will understand. In the meantime, check out these shots.

Photos By: Emil Corpuz exclusively for

Marshall picked up a set of used and abused BBS RC 090 wheels in 17×8 +20 offset that were needing some major TLC as they were bent, curbed, warped, dirty, faded, and everything else that could go wrong with wheels. Luckily the previous owner of them gave up on refurbishing but did have them re-drilled to 5×114. The wheels were then stripped and refurbished by Forjworks, and unlike the BBR RS wheels where replacement parts can be quite easy to find, the RC’s had nothing. Every bolt was then repolished and powder coated with a clear. Barrels were all fully polished and centers were custom painted with School Bus yellow. Finished look was pretty different and that’s what Marshall wanted.

Coming from a set of 19’s, the Air suspension was also stripped and redone to go even lower so he can sit right on his new 17 inch BBS wheels. It now sits an inch lower with the Prototype Forjworks Air System Bracket System and use of Sienna rear shocks. It’s also important to add that this was the first bagged new gen xB a few years ago and as far as we know, it’s one of the lowest ones stateside.

Here are some bigger and up close pictures of the BBS RC’s that we told you about above. To be honest with you, we would love to see some more stretch on those tires, but we’ll make an exception here. The fitment goes well with the overall look of the car.

Coming from the VIP style, Marshall’s first set of wheels were the only set in the USA at the time, Garson Dolci’s. Interior was also completely refreshed with all the VIP inspired pieces. Fred’s Auto Top Shop did the stitch work using the highest grade leather in the market at the time (Troon Leather), and even today (4 years later) it still has the brand new leather smell. The wood work had to be one up from any VIP Ride, so real Hawaiian Koa wood was hand crafted to accent the interior by Progressive Auto Sounds. Check out the full spec list below! Pretty classy, wouldn’t you say?

Full Custom Leather Interior using the highest grade leather “Troon Leather”
Reshaped front seats
Custom Leather floor mats
Leather Steering wheel
Real Hawaiian Koa Wood Door Speaker Grills
Real Hawaiian Koa Interior accents
real Hawaiian Koa VIP Table with Garson DAD Rings
Custom one off Pedal Covers
Garson DAD Kick Plate
Garson DAD Shift Knob
Garson DAD AC Vent Crystals
Garson DAD Rear View Mirror
Garson DAD Mink Crystal
Garson DAD Curtains
Varad Lighting
Full ZAPCO with Sub Floor

Prototype Strup Headers
TRD Cold Air Intake
Nitrous Express 30hp kit.
2007 Scion TC Valve Cover
Prototype Forjworks Coil Pack Cover
Kinetic Power Cell

Shout out to the Scion Evolution Family “Paul D, Nilo M, Co Y, Tutty of SE JAPAN for all the OEM JDM Goodies and making it the first in the USA”, Todd S of SE Maui for carrying back all those JDM Goodies! Troy Sumitomo of Five Axis for pulling of the first Five Axis lip kit in Hawaii, Hawaii’s only Aftermarket parts Manufacturing company, Hawaii Developmental Market for the design and fabrication of the First Gen 2 XB on Air, Fred’s Auto Top Shop for the one off custom Leather interior, Auto Customs for the tire fitment, Progressive Auto Sounds for the slamming Sound system, Freddy of Auto Fashion for all the inspiration, RAD Motor Sports for the Custom Dual Exhaust and most of all my family for putting up with my hobby!