Meet Kevin Pierce out of North Carolina everyone. He is a full time aircraft maintenance technician who happens to have a huge passion for cars. Kevin is representing the east coast, and he is doing it well. There is nothing “trendy” about this ride, nor is Kevin trying “too hard” as some of us like to say, and for that we respect him. You’re looking at a well rounded car that’s been customized to the owners liking. Our community is starting to lack originality as a lot of us are buying cars and modifying them to impress others, rather than reflecting ourselves in our builds and doing what makes us happy. We’re telling you right now, as much as you want to think that getting the widest set of wheels or lowering your car to where it’s practically underivable may land you a “feature” on one of the “fitment” blogs, it probably won’t. Be creative, be original and don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and you’ll get all the exposure you deserve! Take a closer look with us at Kevin’s ride below.

Right off the start, the thing that sticks out the most are probably those discontinued Work Euroline XR’s that were powdercoated “copper vein”. They’re 19×9.5 up front with -4 offset and 19×10.5 in the rear with +4 offset wrapped in a set of Toyo Proxes (245/35/19F and 275/35/19R). It’s a pretty conservative setup in our opinion, that works, literally. As far as the drop goes however, we wouldn’t really call it “conservative”. This beauty is dropped on D2 racing coilovers and rocking the Ichiba front and rear camber kit. We’re currently enjoying this rear shot on our iPhone as a background image!

Check out the custom finish of those discontinued Work Euroline XR’s. Make sure you hit the Read More button for more pictures of the car as well as some other specs.

Strafe Automotive took care of the ING+1 sideskirts, Strafe rear, and Strafe carbon fiber trunk for Kevin, and he wanted to make sure that we give a shout out to Strafe Automotive. Up front, Kevin played around with the lights and got them wrapped in Flat black 3M Dinoc wrap with Audi inspired LED’s. He also upgraded his hood to one from Seibon TS in carbon fiber and did some tweaking to the OEM grille.

Unfortunately there aren’t enough of these awesome pictures that Kyle McManus shot for us! We can’t thanks Kyle enough for hooking us up with the pictures, as well as Kevin for wanting to be on Stance:Nation! Kevin recently moved to Mississippi and we’re sure that Mississippians will appreciate having such a nice ride in their state. This will definitely not be the last you see of this car!