As the title says, we have utmost respect for Australians and their incredible rides, especially their drift inspired machines. Don’t get us wrong, we would do just about anything for one of their Holden UTE’s, but cars like this Nissan will do! It’s sitting on a set of Rays Volk TE37’s in 18X9.5 & 18X10.5’s wrapped in 225/40 & 235/40 set of tires. Now if only there wasn’t this huge mass of water between us…

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  1. Blake

    absolute sexy im a huge fans of the 37’s by volk shit are amazing ur car is nicely done man

  2. Danny

    DAAYYYYUUUUMMM!! What i would do for this sex on wheels! I think i just nutted……. =0 << thats my face when i nut! lmao.

  3. Nick

    guh, sooo sexy looks beast! im sure it sounds incredible too! i wanna see the other s13 in the garage too!

    please do more 240’s!!!

  4. nismokid_5

    I love it when 240 hatches have the 180sx conversion and they get the RPS13 tails and they paint the center panel the color of the body…it just MAKES the car. Although I believe this car is a genuine 180SX with an SR conversion, no?

  5. supamade

    the thing is with australian rps13 they already come factory either a s13 or a 180sx so no conversion needs to be done. this is what we refer to over here. s13 being the coupe and 180sx being the hatch. having said that, they also come standard with sr20det.

    there are versions of the s13 and 180sx that come with sr20de. they are the s13 q and the 180sx type s.

  6. Charlie

    Love seeing aussie rides being repped’ well, our rules and regulations are tighter than anywhere else in the world. But we do out best!

  7. J

    It’s a genuine kouki 180SX, It’s Right hand drive, and its an import.
    Retard americans.


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