A simple and clean VW will never go out of style. From the classic Type III’s and Beetle’s on Fuch style wheels to more modern MK’s on BBS’s and OZ’s. At this particular time we have an absolutely clean VW GTI belonging to John Quay. It’s rolling on a set of Ford Royal Red Metallic OZ Futuras in 17×8.5 (+30) and 17×9.5 (+38). They’re wrapped in 205/45/17 & 215/45/17 Falken 512 tires. Unlike majority of the VW scene however, John’s VW is sitting low on K-Sport V1 coilovers rather than an Air Suspension. As always, out photographer Ronaldo Stewart did an absolutely amazing job with the photos, finding an incredible location and working with just the right lighting. Big shout out to both of these guys!

Photos By: Ronaldo Stewart exclusively for StanceNation.com

Here is rest of the guys from the same shoot!

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  1. J.Bakes

    that’s my boy john………………………. looking fresh

  2. Paulo

    very carefully^^^^^ lol jk
    Long pole, long exposure, and put the car in neutral and push it. Most common waay for rig shots.

    These vws are sooo nice!

  3. dammm

    dammm futuras blown up, makes me want to sell mine, just enougher mk5 on air

  4. J.Bakes

    he’s actually getting rid of these wheels now….just spoke to him lol


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