I remember growing up in Vermont back in the late 90’s. Witnessing some of the most wonderful and vivid colors during autumn, and driving out west to Lake Champlain in the summer was what made living there so special. Some of the friendliest and most patriotic people I’ve ever met were those from Vermont. I could go honestly go on forever, but let me tell you what I did not enjoy so much. Waking up to 5-6 feet of snow wasn’t fun, but it was bearable. One thing I despised about Vermont were the roads. Potholes so wide that they left us stranded on the side of the road with bent wheel a couple of times, and speed bumps so tall that they would rip the undercarriage of our stock ’94 Caprice at the time! Reason I’m telling you all of this is because that’s where Mike and his Z are from. Please scroll down and click the Read More button to take a look at an incredible Z that Mike has created.

Photos By: Jim Davis exclusively for StanceNation.com

Where Mike is from wasn’t the only reason we wanted to share this car with you, the car it self is what we really fell in love with. From it’s ridiculously low stance to those incredibly clean set of wheels. Right away we were able to tell that this isn’t one of those “trying too hard” builds. Every addition to the car was clearly thought out by Mike and was only added because he truly liked it, not to impress others. Builds like this will always be recognized not just by blogs, but by magazines and true car enthusiasts.

Photographer Jim Davis included a few rig shots of the car which show the rolling height of the car, and we love it! Exterior features zcar parts rear carbon diffuser which is a bit on the rare side in the “fitted” Z community. Mike also shaved all the emblems and holes off of the trunk lid for that smooth look that we all love so much. Up front you’ll notice the Veilside front lip, dual front air ducts on the hood and those “mad” eyelids. They take a bit of getting used to usually, but it flows pretty well on a white car. Click the Read More button to check out more photos and get the wheel & suspension specs!

We’re really in love with everything that SSR Wheels has ever put out, so seeing this ride rocking those aggressive SSR SP1 Professors was a love at first sight. They are 19×10 (+6) up front and 19×11 (-4) in the rear. Mike wrapped the wheels with 225/35/19 and 275/30/19 tires, which is just scary for Vermont roads. Take our word, we’ve seen and lived it. Behind those sexy deep wheels are a set of brakes which are just as nice! K Sport 8 piston front and 4 piston rears with 13″ rotors all around to be exact. One hell of a setup indeed! Wait till you read a bit about his suspension setup below!

As you may have figured by now by seeing that frame and exhaust on the ground literally, the car is on air suspension. While nowadays coilovers dominate the fitment world, most of us can still appreciate a “roll hard, park harder” setup. For the suspension, Mike went with the K Sport Air Tech kit, with modified 3/8 lines, accuair e-level with touch pad, dual 380cc viar compressors, accuair vu4 8 valve manifold, and a clean 4.5 gallon aluminum air tank. Mike also added Ichiba rear camber arms to tuck the rear wheels when aired out and wicked tuning rear toe arms to keep everything aligned properly.

Interior wasn’t left untouched, as a matter of fact the mod list is huge so we’ll put the list for you below:

Corbeau 5 point cam lock harnesses
Sparco harness bar
Vertex shift boot
Push button ignition
B&M short throw shifter
Rennline shif knob
Custom suede shift console, arm rest & kick panels.
Carbon fiber steering wheel and guage trim.
Air tank pressure guage.
Custom sub box with 12″ kicker l7 sub
Soundstream Tarantula amp
Alpine type e components front and rear
Alpine media receiver
1.2 farad cap.

We would like to give a very special shout out to Jim Davis for such a great job with photography! We can’t forget to thank the owner himself, Mike Condon. It’s an honor to show off your build with rest of the world, and considering you did everything on the car on your own, I’m sure you’ll earn a lot of respect from a lot of people. Mike would like to thank Bag Riders for all of their help and Jim Davis for hooking him up with the incredible photography. We’ll leave you with a few more photos and a big thank you to all our fans!