We don’t feature too many Scion TC’s, but when we do, we like to make sure that they are on top of their game. One of the TC’s that we fell in love with in particular belongs to our friend Jona out of San Diego. It has been his daily driver ever since 2006 when he first purchased it. It has gone through several stages in it’s lifetime and thankfully they have shaped the car to be as proper as it is today. We try not to take away from the car with all the content you’re currently reading but sometimes pictures just don’t do cars justice. As good as these photos are, having seen this Scion with our own eyes before, we can tell you that it’s even better in person. Read on below for full specs and even more photos.

Photos By: Jay Pena exclusively for StanceNation.com

Right off the bat you’ll notice that Jona didn’t waste any time finding a set of wheels that no other tC is rocking. Well, not this aggressive at least. Wheel of choice was the legendary Work Schwert SC2’s finished in Machine Silver Polish. As a matter of fact the car can be seen on Work Wheels website, but that’s besides the point since you’re really interested in sizes and offsets right? Jona went 18×10 all around with +20 offset up front and +15 offset in the back for a bit more lip.

For the drop Jona went with B&G RS2 coilovers and spun the perches until the front lip was literally on the ground. He is on his third front lip at the moment and it doesn’t look like it’ll be much longer before it’s time for a new one. To fit the wheels up front, he had some widening work done by Goldcrest Collisions. His camber was also dialed in at -1.5 front and -4 in the rear for that awesome fitment that you see in these photos. Hit the Read More button below for more awesome photos of this beauty.

On the outside you’ll notice that the RS side skirts and rear lip complete the car. We’ve seen a ton of TC’s in our times and this is easily one of our favorites at the moment. There are only a handful out there that are really doing it right, and we’re sure you know who we are talking about!*nola/WA/norcal*

Jona tells us that the direction of his car relies heavily on the VIP scene. He is well aware that it’s a TC, but he feels that “it’d be different and awesome” if everything goes the way he plans. He is currently saving his pennies for a whole new interior, air suspension setup, audio, wire tuck and plenty other things which will make this TC stand out even more. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of it in the future. Check out how low that front end is sitting, and to daily drive it like this is pretty awesome!

We’d like to thank our photographer Jay Pena for hooking us up with these awesome shots as well as Jona for making the feature happen. Make sure you hit him up if you’re in the greater San Diego area and think your car has what it takes to be featured on S:N! Hope you’re all enjoying the recent features.