The odds of finding an extremely clean DC2 that’s fitted as proper as this one are very slim. So slim that we can only think of a handful of them here stateside. We’ve been in touch with Gerald for a while now, though we’ve admired his ride way before we ever got to know the man behind it. He tells us that he initially wanted to do some serious work on the engine but seeing how it was his only car, he just couldn’t sacrifice any downtime. Gerald is reppin’ Las Vegas and a couple of our favorite crews; Royal Origin and Lowballers! Having met many of them personally, we can tell you that they not only have some of the cleanest rides but are as legit as they come. Scroll down for more!

Photos By: Randy Phat exclusively for

Over the years the car has gone through about 15-20 different sets of wheels, and just before he acquired his current Work Equips he had a set of fully polished Mugen M7’s. Current setup is 15×8.5 up front and 15x9in the rear, wrapped in 195/45/15 Toyo tires. Coilover sleeves, 5 way adjustable Tokico illuminas and JDM itr front sway bar finish the stance off. The results are seriously jaw dropping. Just the right amount of stretch and drop if you ask us. What do you think?

Fitment aside, this DC2 is just bananas. An extremely sexy JDM swap, including the front end, HID headlights, front lip and visors! After having the car vandalized in late ’09, a fresh coat of root beer paint job from a Lexus SC430 was laid down, which looks incredible might we add! Check out that rolling shot above! Make sure you hit the Read More button for many more photos of this beauty!

Interior wasn’t left untouched. A ITR shift boot, ITR climate control, JDM road flare and a Gold Mugen shift knob were added. How can you possibly make this Integra even hotter than it already is? Well, Geralds future plans are to work more on the interior and do a full wire tuck in the engine bay. It’s all about looking good whether he is rolling down the highway or just parked hard at a car show.

He asked us to give some thank you’s and shout outs; “family, girlfriend, friends, jose@jdmempire, Chivas@speedlab, dru@sohi garage, jim@springmountainautobody, randyPHAT and especially my crew/fam LOWBALLERSxROYALORIGIN for helping me out and supporting me through the years with the ride”. We would like to thank Randy as well for always delivering proper photo shoots, and a big shout out to the LBxRO family! We’ll leave you with a couple more photos!