Our European photographer Ronald Veth had a chance to visit the famous Worthersee this past week and he did quite a job covering it. With thousands of cars and car lovers in attendance, it can easily become overwhelming not only from the photographers perspective but spectator’s as well. Though, if you have the time on your hands, this is definitely the event to visit. Don’t think it’s just your typical newer VAG’s though as there are also dozens and dozens of classics in attendance! We won’t bore you anymore so let’s get straight into the first set of pictures since that’s what you all came here to see.

Photos By: Ronald Veth exclusively for StanceNation.com

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  1. E

    Worthersee=not for amateurs. They push the limits and start the trends that you see here in the states years later. The cars may not be for everyone, but the amount of bodywork and custom fab that goes into Worthersee cars are incredible.

  2. TerryJ

    These rides are dope.The new Sciroccos are always nice to see, & a GTI sitting on purple Gallardo wheels.Word. ;)

  3. Schumey

    Wörthersee start trends? It seems for me, as we copy (at least here in Germany) the stuff you do in America.

  4. 1SlyGTI

    What kind of wheels are those on that white sciro? (3rd pic from top)

  5. EG8 Gas, Brake, Scrape.

    @mulcracky they are Vossen CV1′s 20×10.5 all around +30 up front +15 out back. They had to radius the fenders 2 inches to clear the wheels, and it’s rollin static.

  6. Spoilaz

    Are those Range Rover wheels on the white one below the one with the purple wheels?


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