One of our newest Japanese photographers Kumax sent us a few photos of his buddies cars, all rocking the famous Alphards and all done in different finishes. While we appreciate the front end conversion of the Golf, and the slammage of the Beetle, what we really wouldn’t mind having is that Touran to haul our stuff in! With that said, we’d love to hear which one you would go with and why? Please make sure you drop a comment below if you get a chance! We hope you’re all having a great weekend.

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  1. Aundra_Pollard

    That Beetle Steals The LimeLight but the Trio is sick but that Damn Beetle Just Tops The Cake

  2. Token Black Guy

    All three cars are dope, but I’m diggin the Beetle! I agree, it steals the show!

  3. N99GT

    im sorry but the beetle and the golf look wack but those wheels look sick on the touran!

  4. Dom_J

    The beetle is killing it but that touran takes win!!

    That’d be perfect! Get w/it already VW America.


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