This is the very first Audi TT feature we ever did, and we couldn’t be more honored to have the opportunity to show you one of the finest TT’s in Europe. It belongs to our friend Christophe all the way from Belgium whose car you’ve all seen many times here on Stance:Nation. Never really up close but rather at different event throughout Europe. Audi TT is a car that not many are willing to play with, so seeing one as clean as this is definitely refreshing. We had a chance to briefly talk with Christophe just a couple hours ago where he told us that he currently drives his TT on daily basis. This won’t be the last time you hear the name Christophe, let’s just leave it at that.

Photos by: Ronald Veth exclusively for

Just days before our photographer Ronald Veth shot the car, Christophe upgraded his wheels to something more unique and fresh. He previously ran a set of BBS’ which looked great, but seeing how there were a ton of people running them Christophe wanted to spice things up and bring something new to the table. Don’t get us wrong, BBS is a absolutely incredible wheel company that we all love, but Audi’s & BBS’ are a very common sighting in Europe.

His new wheel choice was nothing short of stunning. A set of Rotiform DAB wheels in 19×9 & 19×10 wrapped in 215/35/19 and 225/35/19 tires! Lip to fender fitment at it’s finest that we have all grown to love so much! Make sure you hit the Read More button to check out some more awesome photos shot by our very talented Dutch photographer, Ronald Veth.

Christophe is running Air suspension RRAS kit with 10mm air hose and 2* Viair 480c compressors. As we said previously, when the bags are aired out those fenders drop just hairs down away from the wheel barrels. Exterior was left mostly stock as these newer TT’s are sharp and aggressive looking right out of the box if you ask us, unlike the previous generations. Scroll down for more!

It didn’t quite stop there however. Christophe wanted some power to go with the aggressive styling of the car so he had a completely custom exhaust made. He also played a bit with some ECU tuning. That all resulted in a bump of horses from 200 up to 260! Kind of makes us want one now! Big shout out to all of our Europeans fans for all of their support, and a special thank you goes out to our photographer Ronald Veth for making this shoot happen. Stay tuned for more as we’ll be working on getting some more proper Euros up on our site! Don’t forget to LIKE us on facebook to stay updated!