It seems that the Mazda boys are getting really serious with their 3’s. We’ve featured a couple of them with down right insane fitment, one from California the other for Texas. Today however, we’re taking you across the Pacific ocean to the great state of Hawaii. The owner Mark and our photo/video guys Emil Corpuz and Jay More went out for a drive around city where they took a ton of photos and made an awesome short video for you all to see. We give props to all you Mazda hatch owners for having the guts to push your cars to the extremes. We urge everyone to check out the video below before anything as it shows us things that photos just can’t quite capture.

Photos By: Emil Corpuz // Video By: Jay More exclusively for

Front end features a GV Front Lip/Spoiler Lip, and all the moldings and badging were removed for that “clean” look. Most of the other exterior modifications are relatively light and simple. We’ll save you from reading it all so you can actually enjoy the photos. On the inside Mark threw in a JBarone Weighted Shift Knob & Short Shift Plate while rocking a set of ProSport Premium Guages (Oil Pressure, Boost, A/F Ratio) & UltraGuage. Most of the money and time was spent under the hood and getting that dope fitment, so make sure you scroll down for some specs and numbers!

Dumped on the ground on BC Coilovers and sitting just right on Works VS-KF’s finished in Burning Black color. Front wheels are 19×9 +38 w/15mm spacer upfront and 19×10 +26 w/3mm spacer in the rear. Mark’s tire choice were a set of Kumhos in 215/35/19 all-around. Lastly he added the Dominant Engineering Rear Camber Arms just to clear the fenders and give it that nice look. Make sure you hit the Read More button to check out more photos and see what’s going on under the hood.

Under the Hood:
- TurboXS FMIC
– Injen CAI
– COBB Turbo Inlet
– Denso Iridium 1-step Colder plugs
– 3in Catless DownPipe
– 3in HKS Hi-Power Catback Exhaust
– Flex Innovations Gound Kit
– HKS BOV/BPV (recirculated)
– Spin-On Oil Filter Conversion kit
– HyperTech Programmer

Mark is still not done with his ride however. Future plans consist of things like the GT3071/36R w/ METH system, SteedSpeed Turbo Manifold, CPE Fuel Pump and a custom tune from COBB AccessPort. We would like to give a big shout out to all of our Hawaiian fans as well as Mark, Emil and Jay for all their help. Stay tuned for more sick stuff out of Hawaii, but in the meantime we wish you all a happy 4th of July!

Shout out to:
- SMG (Sexii Munkii Garage)
– JS4KIX Garage
– EMP (Elite Mazda Performance)
– Leeward Automotive Repair Inc.
– Sai’s Autobody

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  1. Dayton

    Car is bad ass, only think is I wish it had a little more color, maybe put some red back into the taillights or something. Sehcsy non the less…

  2. Dominic

    Wow, just wow.

    The vid was simply amazing,
    pro, fresh… awesome!

    What’s the name of the kanye west – we major mashup/remix?
    Shit was cash.

    Seriously, keep up with them clips like this,
    oh and a sound clip at the end is just perfect.

  3. AustinY

    (Y) Never seen the car before this, but dope ms3, from a mz3 owner. :)

  4. dammm

    shits beattttt, sorry but thing is not slammed maybe has fittment but u can drive over anyspeed bump witht hat thing and wheels lppk like its from town fair tire beanierrrrr

  5. Brad

    imo the VS’s are pretty baller and those specs on a MS3 is pretty nuts.

  6. james

    Where can I get those lil vortex moldings he has on the front fenders?

  7. Jin


    Simple and clean. I like. Don’t need them window stickers.

  8. MBOIZ-MS3

    Thanx for viewing the feature, liking, n commenting everyone… =)

  9. Ha8r

    Overall this vehicle has nothing special – and it’s coming from the great, Aloha State. Please post more worthy vehicle to represent the car scene in Hawaii. No hate, however, the game has changed – it’s at a new level, it’s a status. Again, we all can appreciate and accept that Hawaii alone, car scence that is, has brought major influence and to post a mazda, let alone something like this… Thanks and have a wonderful Aloha. Aloha served daily!

  10. deejay

    dear mr. Ha8r aka troll. show us an example of your ride and maybe we will take your opinion into consideration. i know the owner of this mazda has worked hard blood and sweat to get his car to were its at. sorry we aint big balling like you and can make stuff happen and special oOooo mr big shot… what ever… you should walk in another persons shoe before u criticize… peace out and malama the aina mother father! KEK “no hate” y is your name ha8r den dummy lol

  11. wtc

    dear Ha8r…
    get a new name..i have a few words for you..first seem to know alot abt this ride.have you seen it in person?rode in it?seen the stages and phases its been through?seen the incredible amount of blood and sweat gone into this car from the owner?… how about keepin you frickin fingers off the keyboard leavin wack azz comments about stuff you have no clue about.just cuz you drive your lil sisters doo doo brown ford escort with kmart spinners dont mean you gota hate the world…aka ha8r…I like to see your “more worthy vehicle” you putt around in . talkin big like YOU know the game dont get you in front..”real hard phyical work ” and pushing it does.which is what the owner of this dope mazda has done.and dont talk about hawaii bra.esp the game.”status”.lookin at other ppls rides and sayin wack crap aint the new level or status as you say.were here to progress not hate….your comment pissed alot of us off.therefore aloha…(goodbye) ha8r …aka mr.douchebag …your friends from the great ALOHA STATE…wtc

  12. Ha8r

    @deejay & wtc

    It is simple guys: You are what you drive. Hawaii (Oahu) has nothing more to offer today, than these kiddy-cars; and that is just too bad that most of [Tuners (as in your predecessors)] are not in this scene. Let’s put it this way – if you drive a Mazda 3 and put stuff on it: (One) your parents purchased it or (two) it’s the only thing you could’ve afford anyway. More so in the “ballers” term, you’re behind the power curve my fwen and that is why you opt to customize your friggin’ license plate with some 2PAS4U (sounds like every Filipino FOB at Jollibee). Lastly, please with that Aloha. I ‘m from here, Oahu – there’s no such thing as Aloha anymore. It’s a friggin cliché, utilized in the tourism industry. Thanks once again, Aloha served fresh daily.

  13. dB


    it’s a MazdaSPEED3 and not just the regular shitty mazda3 so no, I highly doubt that his parents bought him.

    I kinda understand your rage against that 2pas4u / aloha, but this car sounds, performs amazingly, plus it looks good IMO (except a few silly thingies)

  14. TA2 TA

    Elvis, do you know what kind of font that sticker on the front windshield is?


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