Today we’re going back to Sweden where our photographers Jill & Peter had quite a long day shooting several cars for us after the very first Stance Alliance meet. If the location of these photos seems familiar it’s because it was done the same day and time as this Integra that we featured a few days ago. Please allow us to introduce you to Martin, coning to us out of Sweden of course. The aggressive fitment scene is still at the very early stages out there, but you would never be able to tell that by looking at Martin’s slammed Eunos. When we first saw photos of this car on our forum we thought it was right here from the states. Is it just us or does this car give you that USDM Miata look as well?

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Martin dropped his roadster on a set of Ta-technix coils (German brand) and mounted a set of BBS RM wheels in 15×8.5 (-3) front and 15×9.5 (-2) rear. As with most Miatas, all it takes is a nice front lip to give it that “fresh” look so Martin went with the Garage Vary Lip. Looks absolutely perfect in our opinion.

We’ve talked with a couple of our Swede friends and form what we hear the roads aren’t the greatest. Far from it actually. Hats off to all you guys out there. we’ll have even more Swedish cars in the next few days so stick around. In the meantime make sure you hit the Read More button to check out more photos of this sexy roadster. Hejdå everyone, stay low and ride slow!

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  1. z

    Yeah, some roads here in sweden are far from good and the swedish dmw love huge speedbumps.

  2. aceshigh

    This ride is probably the lowest mx5,roadster,miata in this entire country! If it wasnt for the fact that my own mx5 need to get out of my driveway, and that its my dd during summer id totally join him down there :) ill settle for a non-poke flush look with a bit of clearance instead.

  3. Max D.

    Never been a fan of Miatas, but that one is properly done, slammed on minty fresh BBs :)

  4. N99GT

    im not a nice fan of the MX5 but this does have nice stance and colour!!

    BTW when is the R34 coming up?!

  5. VDB

    Dope car dude! What offset are those wheels? I own a Eunos myself and i’m looking for the perfect fitment wheels. Keep up the good work!


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