Everyone gets a kick out of seeing cars running extremely low offsets and sitting practically on the ground, right? While that’s all nice, the reality is that most of us in this scene are not willing to sacrifice the ability to drive our cars on daily basis (meaning being able to go over speedbumps, steep driveways, etc.) That’s completely understandable and we can respect it. Mike Bonnel’s Audi A4 would be classified into that category. It’s low, it’s got a nice set of shoes on, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Mike is just like many of you young guys out there who work hard for everything they own and just love their cars. He mounted on a set of Privat Kup wheels in 18×9.5 (et30) all around with 215/40/18 tires. Major kudos to you Mike, from what we hear you’re also a huge fan of SN! Email us your mailing address when you get a chance so we can send you a little something!

Photos By: Ronaldo Stewart exclusively for StanceNation.com