So you guys are enjoying the variety we’ve been posting lately? If thats true, you’re going to love this old school Beetle that comes to us all the way from Kobe, Japan. We can’t really put our finger on what makes it so special so maybe you can help us out? Let’s just say that it’s far from boring. Check out the USDM inspired stickers and plate frame! Oh, and how about those crazy “different” OZ Racing wheels? Lets know in the comment box below if this is something you wouldn’t mind having, or if it’s just us!? By the way, those are cards of topless American girls that you see on the drivers side window.

Photos By: Kumax exclusively for

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  1. Louie Buttons

    Love it, fellas. Keep up the great work! Made a fan outta me.

  2. austin

    Maybe its just me, but that bug must be fairly rare in Japan , and I like how japan is doing the whole usdm thing as jdm is dying out over here. overall, the slammed bug = awesome. The paint job = fairly hideous.

  3. Toepfer


    in for better pictures of said cars of “topless American girls”

    for purely educational purposes…

  4. Trev

    Cool car, but is there a stanced CRV next to it? Pretty sure, only in Japan. haha.

  5. MajinCD6

    this was ok until i seen that crv, its like a S:N teaser.. Think we can find out more about it since ive never seen any mods on one except HID’s

  6. a2lowvw

    love it. could do without the porsche crest on the wheels but other than that its a beauty

  7. Toepfer

    there is a CRV out in dallas thats slammed on TL wheels, with LS:VTEC Turbo. Walks on Corvettes all day. Its pretty funny. Looks awesome too.

  8. Shawn

    Holy SHit that CRV is HOT!! I have the same model, but I never though about modifying it that way. I want more pictures of that CRV!! There is also many CRVs on bags from Malaysia or Indonesia, nt sure. the beetle loooks good, nt really diggin the color.

  9. Steven Ngo

    Did anyone else notice the white VW beetle with the teal rims across from the featured VDUB? It was in S:N a looooooong time ago.

  10. Mike

    Does he have two different wheel setups on either side? Looks like the last pic is on the other side of the car cuz of the reflection of the CRV wheel. Interesting, love it!

  11. Vwjalani

    This bug is doppppe!!!!! Porsche wheels sick non conventional two tone etched windows blacked out chrome pop out windows custom vents in the front and a popout windshield. This bug is better than allot of the European and american bugs, this is tha look I’m going for with my standard 70″ hotttttnessss!!!!!!!

  12. Fasterthanu

    kill it with fire! W/o knowing if its US or EU… if it’s US 1965-66, if it’s EU 1965-67…POS


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