It’s Monday morning here in the states and we know that many of you are having a tough time starting the week off. No worries though, we got you covered! Jesper’s incredible Skyline will brighten up just about anyones day. This 2001 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R was once in the hands of Zele Performance in Yokohama, Japan, but it now resides in the hands of 24 year old Swede by the name of Jesper. Not only is he fortunate enough to own a dream car for many of us, but the whole “bronze/blue” combo is just out of this world. Jesper’s got this R34 sitting just right on a set of Volk Racing TE37’s in 18×9.5 (12) all around with R888 tires in 255/35/18 on all four corners. Ohlins PCV coilovers were added to give the car a bit more of that “aggressive” presence, and damn does it look good! What finishes the car off however is that Nismo Body Kit (assembled by Nismo themselves) and smaller details such as the Rays blue wheel lug nuts, Rays center caps and White Nismo Front Indicators. Perfection!

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As mean as the car looks it’s also got enough power to back up that deadly presence. It’s got a Apexi Exhaust & EVC, HKS Speed limit defencer, Blitz Turbo Timer, Blitz filter kit, Exedy Carbon Twin Clutch and much more. The boost was also cranked up and things like the HKS Kansai strut brace and Carbotech brake pads were added to make this an all round sick ride. There is nothing we like more than seeing a fully functional car sitting just right on a set of properly aggressive wheels. It’s a real honor to share this beauty with you. Please make sure you hit the Read More button below for more photos!