It’s funny how in the states here you can have a ride with literally just a set of nice wheels & flashy paint job and pick yourself up a trophy for “best in show”. Visit any of the bigger events in Japan and see how far that’ll take you! If you’re not rocking a handful of “one-off” stuff, have nothing but genuine parts, and rock an insane wheel fitment, you’ll be in for a surprise. Don’t get us wrong please, we’re not talking down on anyone here just comparing the cultures. Take the cars that showed up to the Kershaw Dress up Party 2011 for example. Insane camber, beautiful fender work, rare and super aggressive wheels, one off bumpers, and just incredible all around cars! We strongly urge you to actually spend some time looking at photo by photo and seeing just how much awesome stuff you can spot that you’ve never seen before. Big thanks to our photographer Masaaki for covering this event for us. We’ll have more photos throughout the following week so make sure to check back!

Photos By: Masaaki Terao exclusively for

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  1. Mike

    It’s easy to get distracted by Japanese rides, sometimes they just have way to much going on, and I’m not talking about the “bosozoku” scene either. “Keep it simple stupid.”

  2. N99GT

    Woah!!! that 1st lexus is sick! black on black = winning combo!

    btw you’ve posted two of the same pictures….

  3. Mike

    Nice! Lovin that Stagea. Not a fan though of the fender vent trend that’s going on behind the front wheels as well as the decals down by the rocker panels. They both seem to take away from the luxury of these cars. But hey, you gotta keep it interesting, and if the owner loves it, that’s good enough for me! :D

  4. e46m3

    any pics of the tan is300(?) on work meisters in the background of the first pic? to the left of the LS

  5. SA

    What shows do YOU go to that have people with rims, lowered and flashy paint win Best of Show? Come on man…seriously.

    Its sad that the Japanese are starting to head back to the future with some of these kits…just cause its 1 off bodykit doesn’t mean it looks good. Keep it CLEAN…if you’re going to do custom.

  6. Travis

    That first Lexus LS needs it’s own lane…. That’s how sick it is…. Big props to the owner of that car


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