Are you ready for an amazing coverage of this WekFest Chicago? We don’t think you are, so how about we open up the coverage with one of our favorite cars from the event? From what we hear it belonged to a fortunate fella by the name of Zachary. We’re not sure if it still does, but regardless. We don’t know any details about it but it stood out at the event like a sore thumb. It could have been that deadly Sorcery kit or perhaps the aggressively fitted Work Meisters, we’re not really sure. Everything about it worked and we couldn’t be more happy that our photographer Evano chose to take more then just 1 photo of it. Anyway, we’ll be posting the first part in just a few hours but in the meantime we really hope that you enjoy this incredible NSX as much as we do. Hands down one of the best looking NSX’s. Don’t forget to click the Read More button to view a few more photos of this beast!

Photos By: Evano Guciarrdo exclusively for

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  1. JTucker

    Mmmm , Yes Long Beach Blue Pearl so beautiful and smooth. This is a dream on wheels, every detail of this car is so precise and vivid. I’m not sure if im awake or dreaming, this car is so unreal I swear it to be a figment of my deepest imagination.

  2. Vinny

    Not shocked by the Ohio plates… I don’t know who built this one but a lot of badass NSXs come out of Source 1 near Cincinnati.

  3. 06RawRsx

    OHIO represent! saw this NSX down at IA and its so sexy. my jaw dropped, then saw the plates like wtf, how come i never seen this before!?

  4. Randy

    Yes Zack still owns it, and it was built by slowmotion here in Ohio. I believe its turbo’d making close to 500hp

  5. stephen

    slowmotion motorsports did the motor and yes the owner is still zach it used to be red but he painted it apex blue pearl hands down best nsx with a hell of a fast turbochared v6 ;)

  6. Jsof

    God this car a beaut!
    Love that roof scoop to the Intercooler, soo fly and functional as hell I bet!
    Can’t wait to see more from this show

  7. Kobes

    You wouldn’t know it but this car used to be red and when he got the car about 9 years ago his pops found the car is a farmers field stripped down. So 9 years of work has paid off.

  8. bahc

    this nsx is seriously a dream car…sorc kit modified to work with flip lights and 500 hp, the perfect number for an nsx, imo.

  9. Doug Conrad

    Just talked to Zack, he still owns it. My son and I saw his car in Pikerington and stopped to take a closer look at it. I asked if my son could take a couple pics and Zack was kind enough to oblige and even let Charlie sit behind the wheel. Great car but an even greater car owner.

    Thanks Zack, for bolstering my sons love of awesome cars.


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