Chances are you’ve seen a picture or two of this car floating around the net by now. It’s a very simple ride with just a few straight forward modifications, but it looks sexy as hell! So what is it about this 545i that the internet loves so much? It sits nicely on a set of Rotiform SNA wheels in 20×9.5 & 20×11 and is dropped on KW coilovers. The front & rear feature a M Tech kit and behind those sexy concave wheels a sits a set of Adams Slotted Rotors! That just about sums it up. What do we think of it? Well, let’s just say that we would not turn it down! How about you? Drop a comment below and let us know!

Photos By: Evano Gucciardo exclusively for

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  1. yjiz?

    Why do people always feel the need to post in forums when they ejaculate over a car? Keep that shit to yourself!

  2. N99GT

    i agree would have been a bit better if the car was a tad bit lower! but even though the car looks simply sweet!

  3. Tung

    Photos look great to me. The last one plain amazing. Looks like good usage of natural lighting, and some great light painting to me for the last one. Not sure what more you could want.

  4. Jason

    Haha thanks for the compliments guys

    Cant go lower dudes, the fenders would literally be sitting on the tires…

    Thanks again for the shoot Evano… that last shot blows my mind still!

  5. kevin

    awesome pictures. but it looks like he just dropped a nice bmw on some nice wheels. kinda boring to me.

  6. Kris

    Yea guys Jason is correct cant go any lower …. my car is a Touring version and I have the coils basically all the way to the bottom (maybe 1 thread showing on my KW Var 3s) and its not even that low. So Jason’s car is really low for a E60 in my book.

  7. Jason

    wow, quite the room full of critics.

    @Linda – I already explained that the car is as flush as it gets. You can’t get a pinky in between tire and fender… please explain how I’m “not low enough” on 20×11’s haha

    for reference:

    If that’s not as perfectly flush as it gets… I don’t know what is.

    @Kevin – Maybe you didn’t read the article. yes it’s a simple build… but KW coils, one of a kinda 20″ SNA’s stretching 275/30’s out bask, Adam’s Slotted Rotors, a one-off magnaflow exhaust, M-tech urethane with fog delete and ram air and rare tobacco leather. Yup, pretty boring.


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