Hard to believe that the vehicle in front of you is 20 years old, isn’t it? The owner of this beauty had owned everything from CRXs to Preludes in his time, but he always had a weakness for the NSX, and we don’t blame him. In 2009 he purchased a red ’91 NSX, drove it home and literally tore it down into pieces. He devoted all of that year on renovating the car and after a year when spring arrived, he rolled the car back on the road in a fresh new white suit. That’s right, complete face lift and than some!

Photos By: Patrik Almqvist exclusively for StanceNation.com

It sits on somewhat unique set of wheels, the Weds Bvillen TT7R’s in 18×8 up front & 18×9.5 in the rear. His choice of coilovers were KSports. The exterior features a Seibon CF hood, Style Auto front (which was modified due to the face life), Marga Hill side skirts and CF Type R wing. The owner also painted the roof black which in our opinion works really well on NSX’. Other than the exhaust and other smaller stuff, it’s relatively stock when it comes to performance. Make sure you click the Read More button below to check out a couple more photos of this Swedish beauty shot by Patrik Almqvist!