Here is a car that we’ll be taking a closer look at in the next couple of weeks. This beautiful Mazda RX8 belongs to our good friend Matt out of Southern California. We’ve actually showed you his ride in the past and even though it didn’t look the way it currently does, many of you loved it! Click here to check it out. Let’s see if he can hold onto these beautiful BBS wheels for a couple more weeks!

Photos By: Matthew Salgado exclusively for

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  1. Alex Misa

    These pictures are awesome. The black backround really works with the white car.
    Sick RX8

  2. InteriorAlligator

    Let it be known those are a beautiful custom set of LM’s…you never see them with lip like that.

  3. Vic So

    I really hate to say this but even with these amazing wheels, this car still looks like shiz to me…hate RX-8’s…

  4. James

    Not just cause I own an rx8 myself but I like seeing more of these on this site. Its better then seeing the same old vw’s, s2000, and sti’s almost every week!Keep up with the change!


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