It’s always a pleasure receiving complimenting messages and emails from our Japanese fans. Our friend (owner of this ride) Matuun is a huge fan of the “USDM” stance scene and when he emailed us a few photos that he recently took of his beautiful S2000 we we’re truly in love! No way you would know or even assume that these photos were taken in the middle of Japan (besides the rear plate), and that to us is pretty cool. Without further adieu, check out the photos of this sexy drop top!

Now obviously Matuun decided to go the simple route. Other than the wheels and suspension, most of the car is relatively stock besides some aero accessories from Modulo and an exhaust by HKS. What this S2000 has going for it is that wheel fitment. A beautiful set of Work Meister wheels in 18×9 with 16 offset and 215/35/18 tire sits up front and 18×10 with 22 offset sits in the rear with 225/40/18 tires. Front fenders were (properly) pulled almost an inch while the rears were pulled about half an inch. Matuun slammed the ride on some Ohlins DFV coilovers and he upgraded the spring rates to 14/18kg. Not the lowest S2K you’ve seen probably but you gotta admit that it looks just right!

Interior features some custom paint and audio work, a set of Recaro RS-G seats and a Momo steering wheel. That about sums it up believe it or not. When we asked the owner what else he has planned for the car, he told us that he is looking into getting a more aggressive set of Volk TE37 wheels and a couple more degrees of camber. Negative camber of course! Huge, and we mean HUGE shout out to all of our Japanese fans! You guys are an inspiration to many of us and it is an absolute honor to be appreciated by those who you admire. As always, email us at with pics of your rides and hit the Read More button for more awesome photos!