We don’t post many G37’s here on StanceNation but when we do, you better believe that they are going to be absolutely incredible from top to bottom. Such is the case with with this particular coupe. Chances are that quite a few of you have probably seen a photo or two of it before, whether it was online or in a magazine. Or if you were one of the more fortunate people, you probably got a chance to see this beauty in person. However for those who haven’t seen it yet, our photographer Ronaldo Stewart was kind enough to take some mind blowing photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Photos By: Ronaldo Stewart exclusively for StanceNation.com

The work of art you’re looking at belongs to Peter Skopas out of New Jersey. Peters car also happens to be the perfect example of “less is more”. Mind you he changed up quite a bit of stuff but many of you “non-G” owners would have trouble noticing those things. Besides the obvious wheels & suspension that is, of course. The exterior features a Junction Produce Visage Lip Kit while a Fresh-Ta-Def Duckbill Trunk completes the rear end.

This 2008 Infiniti G37S is slammed on the ground with the help of Bagyard Bombers and RideTech Management. When aired out it literally sits on the ground, though at driving height those gunmetal ISS Forged Wheels sit flush with the fenders. They were dine in a Gunmetal finish with Polished Step Lips. Fronts are 20×9.5 with +10 offset while the rear is 20×10.5 with +10 offset. Lastly, Peter wrapped his shoes with some Falken Tires in 225/35/20 up front & 255/30/20 in the rear. Make sure you hit the Read More button to check out some more awesome photos of this beauty!

So now that you know the specs, aren’t you wondering what else Peter has planned for the future? We sure did and he told us that he is not really sure where he’s gonna go with this car. Besides wanting to dial in the stance a little more over the winter and maybe changing the wheels for 2012, most of the other stuff will be kept as is. After all, why mess with perfection right?

We really hope you enjoyed these high resolution photos that our photographer Ronaldo Stewart shot as much as we did. Big shout out to him for that as well as Peter for building one of the cleanest G37 coupes out there. We hope to find you all over on our forums and don’t forget to email us at snfeatures@gmail.com with photos of your car if you think it has what it takes to be on our site!

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  1. SteadyWr3nchin

    Amazing setup, comes together very very clean. Altogether one of the finest examples of a G car i’ve seen.

  2. Mike

    Very well done my friend. I own the white 350z that was featured earlier this spring. Mad props to you for running air. Very nicely executed. If your looking for new set of wheels check out luxury abstract. I just got a set for next year check em out.

  3. N99GT

    daymn gotta love the G37….and really gotta love these Hi-Res snaps!
    Thanks Stance:Nation!!!!

  4. Alex Misa

    As a 05-06 G35 owner i never much liked the G37’s. I always felt they made them way too curvy and a bit girly. This one definitely does it right though. Gorges.

    The more and more I think of it, EVERYTHING looks better slammed.

  5. Edward K

    Wow very beautiful, What lens did you use for the 6th pic? Im very interested to know. Thanks!

  6. Wayne

    Hello Ronald. I have bookmarked your flickr and I download many amazing pictures with stanced cars in order to be my desktops. Thank you for offering 4191×2786. It looks incredible on my mac. I hope that you take pictures of other cars like this infinity and not only vw golfs. Don’t get me wrong because they are all incredible. Your photos rock!

  7. rayray

    i give him a lot of credit! my g is on coils and i got a jp vizage lip and living and driving in jersey is AWFUL!!!!!

  8. mike sapp

    The car’s actually not for sale. I see it everyday on my way to work. that was a g35 that was for sale. they were just always parked in the same spot

  9. Scott L.

    These photographs are seriously amazing. I cannot express in words how breath-taking this feature was. Mad props to Ronaldo Stewart on such warm tones, especially considering these cold winter days!

  10. Efrain R

    Idk if you’ve seen me in the black and silver Nismo Z33, but i def see your car every weekday on RT130, props for reppin Jersey how it should be done!!


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