Today we have one of the more simpler S2K’s that we featured here in a while, but it’s oh-so-sweet! It belongs to a 20 year old Kansas youngster by the name of Landon. Yes, only 20 years old! When Landon graduated from high school he went straight to working at his family business. After putting some money to the side he was able to purchase this convertible Rio Yellow S2K. Having had the car for a year now, it’s already seen several sets of wheels and plenty of cosmetic changes. From Work Meisters to carbon fiber hoods and diffusers, It’s seen it all. With the help of photographer Grant Cox we’ll be taking a closer look at Landons beautiful S2000. Though, we wouldn’t be surprised if Landon is already planning on upgrading to a different set of wheels!

Photos By: Grant Cox exclusively for

Before anything, current wheels are XXR 521‘s in 18×10 & 25 offset all around with 215/35/18 tires. Landon ends up changing wheels quite often because as he tells us, “I can’t make my mind up and I’m sure this won’t be the last set of wheels on it”. During the year that he owned the car he ended up straight beating those fenders up on his own to clear the wheels. Car also suffered quite a lot of hail damage & it’s paint had swirl marks all over it. He finally managed to save some money recently and get everything fixed. All of the dents were fixed, fenders were rolled and pulled properly and a fresh coat of Rio paint was applied. This 7 year old drop top now looks as if it just rolled off the showroom floor!

Having been to Kansas on several occasions we can vouch that their roads are straight up jacked. And we’re not just talking potholes & speed bumps here, we’re talking ridiculous curbs and completely chewed up roads that the cold & salty winters bring. For Landon to be rolling around daily on Megan Track coilovers is pretty ballsy to say the least. Many Kansas folks can vouch for us in the comment box below. Go ahead and hit the big Read More button below to check out more awesome photos that Grant shot for us.

As you can see besides the addition of OEM lip up front it’s a stock ride. Well, thats if we don’t count the steering wheel with NRG quick release and the Greddy Ti-C single exhaust. But that’ll change here soon. Landon tells us that over the winter he’ll be working on getting more done to the interior such as a 4-point roll bar, a set of STATUS seats, and possibly even a OEM hardtop for it. From there he might also spend some time working on the bay by doing a partial wire tuck, intake, and a few other things. He didn’t seem like he wanted to “go fast” judging on the amount of speeding tickets he has gotten in the past. Nowadays it’s all about rolling slow-er and extremely low.

With that said, we’re gunna leave you with some more photos since we all enjoy them so much. As always we’d like to give a huge shout out to photographer Grant Cox for doing such a good job with the photos. Obviously a huge thank you goes out to Landon and all our other Midwest fans! We’ve seen some awesome rides from you guys so make sure you email us at with some photos of your rides if you think it has what it takes to be on our site.