Can you believe that this thing is 20+ years old? Yes, this is indeed a ’91 240SX and it’s rocking a full S13 conversion along with the legendary Supermade Instant Gentleman kit. It doesn’t really appear to be two decades old, or is it just us? Anyway, it belongs to the homie Jimmy Mendoza from the Guam Islands and we’ve been meaning to feature it here for what seems like months now. Thankfully our talented photographer Jason was able to find some time and finally get some pretty nice photos for us! It was obvious to us right away that this wasn’t what many of you would call “just another” S13. We’re talking nothing but high quality parts from inside out, top to bottom. Check out these below photos to see what we’re talking about.

Photos By: Jason Cabigting exclusively for

While we’re on the exterior why don’t we tell you a bit more about what Jimmy has up his sleeve besides the conversion and instant gentleman kit. An Origin roof wing sits just right in the back while smaller touches like Origin crystal corner lights & Origin crystal tail lights set the exterior off. Jimmy also opted for a set of 18×9 with +9 offset and 18×10 with +7 offset WORK VSKF wheels. We’ve seen this wheel setup on S13’s before and damn they work so well! Check out the way this thing sits…

This is where things get even better! Under the hood sits a Sr20det motor with a Garrett GT2871R turbo kit. Jimmy also added a Megan Turbo manifold, Turbo elbow & Megan Downpipe with a Apexi 3 inch Exhaust and a Greddy Oil catch can while he was down there. So yes it moves just as good as it looks! That could be why we were so attracted to this beast perhaps? Interior is pretty simple honestly, just the way we like it. For now it’s only rocking a pair of S14 seats and OPM steering wheel with Nismo shift knob. Check out more photos of this thing below by clicking the Read More button.

We almost forgot to mention all the suspension work that Jimmy has done. We’re surprised Tein hasn’t sponsored this car yet. It sits on Tein HE coilvers and Tein Inner and Outer tie rods. It’s also got a Tein Front strut bar as well as Tein Rear strut bar!

Big shout out to Jimmy for literally making us fall in love with his ride. Not that there is anything wrong with some “wear and tear” here and there, seeing an S13 as clean as this definitely put a smile on our face. We also need to thank our photographer Jason for the photos and all of our Guam fans. We’ve been shipping quite a few of our stickers and lanyards out there recently and we can’t thank you guys enough! Make sure to stay in touch with us through our Facebook or Forums and if you think your ride has what it takes to be on our site make sure you email us at!

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  1. Tian Guru

    I dont usually post, but i love the s13 coupe, its my favorite one out of all the 240s. This car really takes the cake. I love the way its all stealth like, everything on it is smooth, nothing looking out of place. It must be a beauty to drive, specially in the night flying down the street like its about to take off like a plane.
    I have a sw20 mr2, and hmm one day i might also have to get a 240sx coupe.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Adam wangan meet crew

    I don’t like S13’s like this but this awesome :D
    Quality build totally :D

    Loving this in all ways!

  3. Robert Sevilla

    Dude Jimmy, this is awesome man! Team Abunai!!! woohoooo!!! Paul needs to start on his s14….

  4. kazoku

    what kinda color is that? thats exactly the color i want for my car!!!! looks black but its purple

  5. Kolbotn

    Wow, an S13 with a full S13 Conversion?? That must make it a??? Well, S13 then…

    Nice Car tho(“,)

    • Charlton

      ahah i figure by that they mean its had a jdm conversion, since the 240sx is ADM , hence the silvia badge at the back, and probably a couple of subtle things changed here and there..

  6. TerryJ

    VSKF’S always look dope on 240’s, & the supermade kit is looks good,such a clean S13. ;)

  7. Harry

    Hey guys, i have a s13 project, and would like to know what centre piece thing that is between the lights? i have a stock one that says Silvia, and i like these ones much better! cheers.


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