It’s amazes us how many awesome rides there are out there that don’t get the recognition and exposure they deserve. One of those being this particular Civic Coupe. There really aren’t that many proper Civics of this generation out there so it’s pretty refreshing to see one. We constantly point out that less is more (in most cases) and this right here is a fine example of that. No flashy paint job or wheels, no excessive stickers or rusted body panels, everything is just so subtle. The thing we like so much about it is that as subtle and simple it is, it’ll still put a big ol’ smile on many “stance” enthusiasts. Take a look at this pretty unique Civic and let us know what you think of it in the comment box.

Photos By: Jeshua Wood exclusively for

When was the last time you saw Rotiform Wheels on a Civic? We sure don’t recall seeing it, fitted properly least. This particular set of Rotiform NUE shoes are 18×9.5 all around with +25 offset and 225/35/18 tires. Gotta say though, we’re pretty surprised how well the wheels go with the car. Must be because we’re so used to seeing them on euros perhaps. Jeshua slammed the car on a set of Stance coilovers and did a complete 2006 to 2009 conversion along with a TSX headlight retrofit as well as the HFP kit. We don’t see too many Civics with this kit on in our “community”, which is surprising to us as it looks really good! Our opinion of course. Check out this awesome rig shot that Jeshua took. Can you say cleannnnn!?

Under the hood it’s relatively simple. P2R TBS, Injen cold air intake, test pipe, Skunk2 exhaust and Flashpro engine management. Jeshua tells us that he will be getting a new wheel setup in the next few weeks as well as some nice performance mods so we are looking forward to checking the car out again very soon. Judging from the previous 15 or so wheel setups that Jeshua was rocking, one thing we can pretty much guarantee you is that the car will look even better! We’ve seen photos of this Civic all over the forums before and it always looked fresh! As always, hit the Read More button for some more photos.

Big shout out to Jeshua for e-mailing and for the support! We hope to stay in touch and see more of his ride in the near future. if you think your ride has what it takes to be on our site we strongly urge you to email us a couple photos over to! We thank you all in advance!

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  1. Matt

    the wheels aren’t really my cup of tea, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. This is one clean civic. I wouldn’t mind more 8th gen civic features ;D

    • LalaLa

      ?? It doesnt look anything like yours lol. You never put 20s on a civic.. and the rear bumper ?? People like you make a bad name for Honda Civic

      • WES

        I’ve done some expensive mistakes in the past, I agree. I meant ”’this is the style I’m going for”’,,, but c’mon… a bad name for HondaCivic?, is not that bad dude.

  2. Philip

    Dayum Jeshua getting famous now lol.Loved his build,although he gets hate for his rotiforms,still clean nonetheless.Keep doin yo thang!

  3. Dylan Matthews

    is he selling the rotiforms i have a civic too looking to pick up a new set up, by the way it looks great

  4. Holden

    Glad to see rotiform’s on another brand of car other than a vw or audi. Looks good! Diggin’ the tsx headlight conversion

  5. SteadyWr3nchin

    The combination of the silver and the brushed aluminum finish on this civic look so good, now for my preference i’d have to see the identical setup on the four door and i would buy it haha. Love the rims and the fact that there isn’t over done negative camber in the back. It would still look good with more camber, but for the sake of contradicting my previous camber setups on my own vehicle i like this setup A LOT!

  6. chris v

    Looks so nice. Id love to pick these up when they go up for sale . Can’t wait to see what direction you go next.

  7. Roger

    its a hfp honda civic. its pretty rare to find one. this hfp civic is the most beautiful and clean car. love it.


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