A couple of weeks ago we showed you Ivans G35 that our friend Steve shot, and as you saw in those photos Dan also tagged along with his ridiculously low 350Z! You guys told us that you wanted to see more of it so here it comes. Easily one of the most aggressive all around Z’s in the states at the moment. It sits on a set of DPE ST5’s in 18×11 with -2 offset and 18×12 with -10 offset. Front tires are 225/40/18’s and rears are 265/35/18’s. There is a thread with Dans progress on our forum that we urge you to check out, just click here. Oh and yes it’s his daily driver and yes it sits on BC Racing coilovers!

Photos By: Steve Banzai exclusively for StanceNation.com

You’ll be seeing more of thus thing in the next few weeks as Dan is in the middle of repainting his car and adding some new goodies but in the meantime we hope you enjoy these photos that Steve shot for us! Hit the Read More button for more photos of Dans and Ivans rides as well as a short video on the very bottom of this quick feature! Huge thanks to Steve for the photos, stay tuned!

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  1. iBURN

    My dawg said bags are for groceries! He woulda had it lower, but then he couldn’t get outta his driveway without scraping.

  2. Aaron

    i don’t like the filter being used throughout. great filter, and great shots. i’d just prefer variety, ya know? cheers brosef:)

  3. thegrapevine

    according to Zilvia Dan only lowers his car this much for shows like wekfest and raises it after…

  4. ivan lomeli

    Mothafukin Ivan posting up…..dann drives that bitch daily stop that gum flappin an give my boy props

  5. Jud

    Hell yesh dan!! ;-) this man rides static this low erday!! San Antonio!! Squirrel squad associate ;-)

  6. mike gutierrez

    I know dan personally and I know that he drives around like this..its a daily my friend :)

  7. tyler

    of course he raises it after. it said its his dd. This would be retarded to dd that low unless you want to buy a new bumper/oilpan/sideskirts every day. car is dope

  8. Ducky

    Are they really 11″ wide on the front!? Thats insane, how much arch work went into getting those to fit?

  9. Mike

    Very nice z bro. Love the fitment for sure. I personally like the bags i put on my z over the coils, more or less for ride quality and comfort. Not to mention i wouldnt be able to go very far where i live being as low as u are. Love the car. Nice job.

  10. Markronik

    I wish i didn’t have a rounded curb driveway so i could roll that low/: Must be nice living in a state where everything is flat ground. lol

  11. Yuan

    Any engine mods? 350Zs became the Mustang of the imports (everyone’s getting one)…

  12. Kwan Y

    Great JOb DAN… Love it and Steve took pics as well.. What about my ride? Should I take my ride to take some pics from u Steve? Let me know… Oh by the way Dan ride his height like this… He has balls to drive this height.. Keep it up


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