The long anticipated WekFest finally made it’s way to the islands and our photographer Emil Corpuz along with our videographer Jay Mora were present to cover the event for us! We’ve covered many WekFest events all over the US and it never disappoints. Hawaiians came out strong bringing about 200+ fresh rides and 1000’s of spectators. Don’t think much else needs to be said except for a big shout out to the WekFest crew for helping bring all Hawaiian auto enthusiasts together. It’s also nice to see some of the cars that we featured here before, they still look awesome! Big thanks once again to Emil Corpuz for the awesome photos as well as Jay Mora for hooking it up with this awesome video!

Photos & Video By: Emil Corpuz & Video & Jay Mora exclusively for

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  1. Travis

    soooo much sick cars……… my head is spinning.

    The Toyota ae86 where killing it!

    The Sennia Se looks sick would def rock that van.

    That purple Lexus LS at the top is smooth too !

  2. higuy

    Any pics of that Mode Parfume GS on Equips, it look like a MP kit on it. It in the Vimeo video at around 0:37, shit looks fresh!

  3. Paul

    That Sienna kicks ass!!! Anybody got an idea what kind of rims are those? Specs? Static or bagged? And where can I find more pictures of it???

  4. Kevin McGuigan

    Can someone please tell me what kit is on the front of the 5 door mazda 3? I NEED that desperately!

  5. integlspwr

    whats the point of the accessories around the car like cotton and empty wrapped gift boxes?

    it looks really tacky and takes away from teh car it self.

    your showing off a car, not a window arrangement for sears !

  6. Jeremy

    I’m glad I was able to catch that show while I was out there from San Diego. them 808 boys sure know how to roll hard!

  7. Randy

    Sick event wish it was still hot an nice over on the east side, that toyota sienna lookin so sexi an tha purple ls

  8. Blake

    Too bad you guys didn’t get some pic’s of my teacher’s GTR ha. i think it’s in the vid though

  9. bahc

    hawaii always comes correct with so many sick cars…but i cant help but feel this event didnt capture that wekfest vibe

  10. David

    Good stuff but not as good as if the new Optima that I thought I saw whilst scrolling too fast had actually been there lmao

  11. JDM Guy

    That Toyota Seinna NEEDS a place on this website.

    It caught my attention out of all the cars. . . .

  12. David

    The cars are sick the video is sick….Hawaii is SICK!!! Plus the girl on the turn table is SICK

  13. Randall

    Hawaii doing it BIG and amazing! ! !where can i get those “sticker bomb” windshield banners… someone assist me?

  14. nattydread

    hawaii and tokyo are the best places to see some hot ass cars hawaii killin it

  15. Alex

    Mean looking S13 hatch. And that VIPRTY Lexus LS is so gangster. So much sickness on this page it needs a doctor.

  16. benzo

    that black s13 coupe is hiddeous!!!
    i love stretch and poke but that is just… the car and wheels
    that combo isnt working though…
    the rest are gorgeous though!


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