AutoCon was definitely one of the most anticipated car shows for the west coast in the recent months. With over 4,000 attendees, 500 cars and well over 25 vendors, there was something for everyone. Stance, Track, Exotics, Drifters, you name it, it was there. We actually had a couple different photographers attend the event so we will break the coverage in 2 or even 3 different posts over the next few days. Today however we will take a look at Gabriel’s photos in no particular order. If you want to see more make sure you click the Read More button below. Big shout out to everyone associated with this awesome event.

Photos By: Gabriel Phyo Yang exclusively for

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  1. red

    gs in pic # 1: success
    gs in pic #6: failure.. tacky kit and led strips… ugh. not as horrendous as that m45, but still

  2. Eddie

    Can anybody Tell me Whats up with the Red Ek with the isuzu Front End ? ? ? Or does it just look like a honda? let me know. All clean cars tho

  3. KImo

    Eddie: correct me if am wrong , The red civic has a 1997 isuzu genimi front end, later rebadged Honda Domani, it came on 97-00 civic sedan. Sooo its honda… and its Kerry’s civic I believe.

  4. Devil's Horns Wing

    It was a great day for car people =)
    Cream of the crops cars, thousands of people enjoying “Winter” weather of SoCal (some got sunburn), and the models plus food trucks.
    Great pictures Gabriel!

  5. Cristian Perez

    man, im not really into domestics, but that challenger got me drooling!, wtf, sick cars,

  6. Gotham City Motorsports

    That GS in pic #6 & 7…has one of the nicest kits I’ve seen in a while…


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