What is it about BMW E30’s that has us falling in love with them? We’re not only referring to the “stanced” ones, but all of E30’s. Our really good Norwegian friend by the name of Egil emailed us a couple photos of his friends car that he shot a while ago and even though a few of you may have seen a picture or two of it before, we thought it would be nice to give this thing the exposure it deserves. Norway is pretty well known for their epic BMW builds (specifically E30’s), whether they’re drift, track or even “aggressive fitment” oriented, Norway knows their stuff!

This LeMans Blue E30 is rocking a badass S50B32 motor under its hood with hand made carbon fiber air box and a few other small things. Other mods include a 6 speed transmission along with KW V2 coilovers and those beautiful BBS shoes. The car is just amazingly well built with a ton of money and hours in it. We’ll be taking a closer look at this E30 as well as many other Norwegian rides in the next few months as the warmer weather comes their way. hit the Read More button for more photos.

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  1. Neil Kapil

    Wake up… You are not “really good friends” with any of the owners of the cars you feature or photographers you steal photos from. You have never met this guy in person and chances are the only reason he comes to this site is because he can’t read English.

  2. Egil Håskjold

    Hi Neil.. That is not a nice thing to say, and why post words like this here.. I know Elvis, and he will Post up the original photos if you want that.. It is sad that people like you write so negative. Please be positive in the future and don´t hate.

  3. Ian Gray


    Keep the love flowin, man.

    Your buddy has a beautiful build on his hands, by the way. Just another reason I’m moving to Scandinavia.

  4. Cam

    Wow. I didn’t realize how much work my E30 still needs til I see something like this. Wheel and tire specs??

  5. broseph

    Neil ima hater is the reason some people shouldn’t have computers know their moms basements. Just cause you don’t have friends doesn’t mean the same for everyone else. Amazing car and post mr elvis. Keep the good shit coming!

  6. A different Neil

    Neil, you give cool neil’s like myself a bad name. Go hate somewhere else. Beautiful car, i love the s50 power plant as i have in my bmw. Id love to see more coverage of this car.

  7. Daniel

    Yet another thing which makes me proud of beeing from Norway :))
    Fuck its annoying for me to wait 3-4 more years before i can get the license :(
    One day i shall get my own build.. Hopefully :DD

  8. Steve

    Nice post SN. Pics are perfect, so is the car. Rocking 321bhp in this thing must be hardcore! ;)

  9. N99GT

    what a way to end 2011!!!

    please upload atleast ONE HI-RES picture with each post this year!!! PLEASEEEEEE

  10. J

    sick E30….BMW for the win…they do exactly what they supposed to do…Bring Me Women all day long E39’s all over stand up!

  11. Eduar Lamas

    beautiful e30. so well done exectued, this makes me want an e30 even more than i do….

  12. beejis300

    hey what size wheels and tires you runnin? This is the sickest e30 i think iv ever seen! props!

  13. Stale W

    wheels are custom made 2piece BBS RC090 to 3piece, machined innerbarrels and BBS magnesium motorsport Outerlips, and BBS RS polished hex nut.
    Specs are:
    9×17″ ET19 with 205/40-17 fitted with 13mm spacer in front
    9,5×17″ET17 with 215/40-17 fitted with 10mm spacer rear.

    thanks, Stale

  14. Cab9307

    Ive been searching for the perfect e30 for so long !

    Stale W, you must tell us what color is this. This is awesome props

  15. Egil Håskjold

    #Stephen.. Hi=). There is a S50B32 (3,2l M3) motor from a E36 in the car original the car is a 325i.
    #Cab9307.. Hi=). The car is LemansBlue BMW color..

  16. Anon

    WOW AMAZING! one question, usually isnt there an antenna next to the trunk? how did you remove this and did you replace it ? thnx

  17. scott

    hey nice build i am just getting started on my e30 just wondering what bumpers you got on the front/back

  18. Stale W

    Stephen: 1990mod
    Anon: just filled the hole by welding. i just placed the antenna cable in the trunk , works fine with radio signals in 2012 :)
    scott: M-tech 2

  19. Stale W

    @Stephen: 1990mod
    @Anon: just filled the hole by welding. i just placed the antenna cable in the trunk , works fine with radio signals in 2012 :)
    @scott: M-tech 2

  20. Steve K

    hey Stale W absolutely in love with your e30. I am working on an e30 project car as well, just curious on how much some things costed you. For example the custom bbs rims, the vis m tech 2 body kit and how much u got charged for the installation of the S50B32 engine due to the custom work needed to install the engine in the e30 engine bay. I was also curious if their were any electrical things i should be looking out for while installing a s50b32 since i have one sitting in my garage from my old e36 and plan on putting it in my e30. Id really appreciate, thanks – Steve K

  21. Jay

    I know this is late, but how long did it take you to do all this? I bet you get this a lot, but do you ever think you sell?

  22. DwibZ

    yo, can someone plz tell me what all the body kit parts are? especially how the sidestrips are removed at the doors


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