It’s safe to assume that majority of the lowest & widest Z’s in this country come right out of Texas. Not to take away from other states like California, Florida, Hawaii, etc. as they definitely have some slammed Z’s, but Texas and slammed Z’s go hand in hand. One of the main reasons things are the way they are (in our opinion of course) is because guys like Swang N’ Bang & BRG who paved the road for many. Coincidentally owner (Dan) of this particular Z happens to be one of the fellow BRG fellas. Dan grew up in San Antonio, Texas and started out with an Acura Integra sitting on a set of Rotas. At one of the local meets he spotted his first properly “fitted” car, a Nissan 350Z and that’s where it all started.

Photos By: Joseph Johnson exclusively for

Later he learned that it was Edafe rolling on his DPE wheels, and they eventually ended up becoming good friends. Dan says that he never thought he would make his car look as sick as Edafes but a few months later he got his pearl white RSX Type-s and got to work. Drop, wheels, the whole nine yards. His goal was to have a nice, flush fitment but as he started hanging out with more of the Z guys (such as Erics), he knew that that was the car he wanted. He started with a set of aggressive Work Equips (18×11 +10 & 18×12 -20) and BC Coilovers but they just weren’t doing the trick for him. Fast forward a few months and Dan found himself sitting on a set of brand spanking new DPE ST5 wheels!

They are fully polished and sized at 18×11 (-2 offset) up front with 18×12 (-10 offset) in the rear with 225/40/18 tires up front and 265/35/18 in the rear. Once he test fitted the wheels, his Z was off to a body shop so he could achieve the look he wanted: aggressive, yet oem. They spent countless hours widening the fenders to fit his wide wheels and after it was out of the shop it looked absolutely amazing. No sloppy fender pulling or cracked fenders here, make sure you hit the Read More button below to check them out. We’ve also attached a short video clip for you to watch.

After the car left the body shop he STILL wasnt pleased with the ride height, so he lowered it even more! This is where it sits now. His wheel lip sits 3/4″ away from his fenders and front bumper sits about half an inch off the ground. Motor is stock for now, headlights are painted flat black by Dan himself and his front bumper is “Aerosync” (polyeurathane). Dan also added LED tail lights, got rid of the rear wiper, and finally finished it with a fresh coat of paint. Watching the video above had us grinding out teeth!

For now he is done exterior-wise and in the near future he plans on doing some simple engine modifications to make it a little bit more responsive. He doesn’t race or drift, just “hard park and break necks”. Big shout out to Dan and his buddy Joseph for hooking us up with some photos! Make sure you shoot us an email at if you think your ride has what it takes to be on our site!

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  1. Devil's Horns Wing

    He parks hard, and rolls even harder!
    Damn, that is insanely static low!!!

  2. coreisntlife

    Motivation for me to get my fenders worked on and get my car painted. Although I’m more of a fan of the flared fenders on z’s. Great looking z

  3. djguyy

    Looks cool and all but diminshes the look of a “true Z” you also can barely drive the thing around town without fucking up the frame and street bumps etc. Sorry look more like a fast n furious movie stunt double

  4. jmousso

    ^ Haters.

    I think it looks incredible. Z’s have always been one of my favorites and every time I see one it just makes me want one more.

    Nicely executed. Wish the video was longer.

  5. franken

    Don’t get me wrong, I love fitted cars. But this shit looks like a little barbie car that you gotta ride at moped speeds while you make sure you didn’t eat too many double cheeseburgers because the bumper’s gonna rip off as soon as you hit the gas pedal

  6. ATX350 - BRG

    Hard to understand but it looks even better in person. Dan has spent more time on his ftiment than any other person I’ve seen. Great guy and always receptive to questions. Great write up Elvis.

  7. Gas, Brake, Scrape = EG8

    This is pretty insane to watch drive. But in the last pic the urethane front bumper looks like the paint didn’t quite match up to the rest of the car. Other than that, flawless! I’m not a fan of the wheels, but they fit what he was going for, and the fitment is on point.

  8. Jordan

    OK before I didn’t like slammed cars. This just changed my mind. I want my z to look like that!

  9. Steviodaddio

    Never thought I’d say this but too low! lol.
    Props for driving like that though, on Michigan roads that entire car would have been tore up completely on the first drive. that ass looks pretty damn great though.

  10. luke truehart

    I love the look of slammed cars but cant imagine how u could ride that daily. I’d use bags for a set up like that. I know people arent gunna like hearing that but wouldnt u like to be able to hit a switch and lift it up so u can get in ur driveway without rollin around with a few planks of wood to drive up on or replacing ur bumper once a week when it gets ripped off and bouncin all over the place. The first car I ever started modding was a ’95 mitsu 3000gt way back before they made parts for it so I cut the springs. It looked sick took corners like a champ but bounced so much I drove it like that for almost a year until they finally made springs. I couldn’t take it anymore so I bought the lowest springs made 1.5 in drop from eibach and even doin it the right way it still bounced all over the place so every car since then I’ve bagged so I can park it slammed but drive it low but not scrapin unless on purpose.


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